BELARUS : Petition to Ban Eurovision Gains American Coverage

Belarus Petition to Ban Eurovision 2014 goes Stateside.  Photograph courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter

Belarus Petition to Ban Eurovision 2014 goes Stateside. Photograph courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter

Our friends at Wiwi Blogs reported yesterday that a small number of Belarusian citizens were gathering names for a petition to have the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest banned in the country or the Austrian entry by Conchita Wurst to be excluded.

“Thanks to European liberals, the popular international contest, which is to be watched by our children, has turned into a hotbed of sodomy,” reads the petition on the website

The signatories are allegedly enraged by the fact that Austria is to be represented by singer Conchita Wurst. They are demanding from the country’s information ministry, to which the petition is directed, that “the airing of the contest be either canceled or the performance of Wurst be censored out”.

Now we all know that this is not going to happen as that would lead to Belarus being expelled from the contest.  If Belarus and Austria were to find themselves in different semi finals then the state broadcaster would not have to air the semi final. However what is interesting is that this story has gone from Belarus to the West coast of America in less than 24 hours. To make the tabloid news in a country that does not even follow the contest is a sign of both the power of social media and the potential differing social beliefs held by nations and the discussions it will give rise to.

You all know our supportive feelings on the inclusion of Conchita Wurst at Eurovision 2014 – see here

Is the EBU in for a challenging Eurovision 2014?

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Wiwi Blogs, The Hollywood Reporter and Eurovision Ireland

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  1. As you may remember, the fabulous Dana International suffered the same backlash in 1998 before the contest. She stayed strong and true to herself and all the negative publicity worked in her favour and she won and became a worldwide star! Lots of love to Conchitta, sing your heart out and win, win, win! Xxx

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