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Thursday’s Talent Search – The Netherlands and Caro Emerald to Eurovision 2014 please!

Caro Emerald - Our pick for the Dutch Eurovision Entrant for  2014. Photograph courtesy of

Caro Emerald – Our pick for the Dutch Eurovision Entrant for 2014. Photograph courtesy of

A new feature to Eurovision Ireland will be our regular “Thursday Talent Search” for Eurovision 2014. We will look at known and unknown artists that could add some diversity and attitude at Eurovision 2014. We will highlight names from Ireland plus some from around the continent.

The Netherlands found their Eurovision Mojo this year with Anouk as she brought the country back to the Eurovision Grand Final and the Top 10. Now it seems that everyone has an opinion on whom The Netherlands should send to Denmark next year for Eurovision 2014.

Anouk has already thrown in her 2 cents worth and suggested her backing singer Shirma Rouse for Eurovision. Even International DJ Armin van Buuren has not ruled out being involved in a Eurovision project. However there in one name that is staring us all in the face and nobody has mentioned her.

Anouk and her uniqueness worked this year with the Eurovision voters. She was different from the competition and her song was very retro and reminiscent of Janis Joplin and singers of that genre. Taking that into consideration we think that Dutch singer Caro Emerald would be an ideal choice for The Netherlands.

Her look is distinctive as is her American Jazz style – think Nancy Wilson and Lena Horne but for 2013. Now I can hear the old school Eurovision Skeptics saying – “Jazz/Blues doesn’t work at Eurovision”. Well “Birds” was certainly not your typical Eurovision song by the stretch of the imagination. What you get with Caro Emerald is not pseudo Jazz/Blues as this is her style of music. Many blues singers that have entered Eurovision over the past decade have not been true Jazz singers and to be honest their songs have not been a strong reflection of the genre.

Factor into the equation now that you have a Jury that is also voting – they will certainly be more open to this genre of music and their votes seem to count more now in the scale of rankings – as this year’s Eurovision showed.

Anyways back to Caro Emerald. What you get here is a singer that can sing with confidence, style and attitude. Her singles may not be in the charts but her albums sell remarkably well and she has been certified platinum in may countries. With her songs appearing in TV shows like “The Vampire Diaries” – her music has been heard – whether you know it is her – by many people of different ages across Europe.

If The Netherlands want to select an established artist who knows how to perform, then Caro Emerald could be a good choice.

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source – Eurovision Ireland

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  1. I reather see Armin van Buuren next year on eurovision! Caro told many times, that eurovision is not something she want to do in her carreer…Its time for a party song for the netherlands I think:))

  2. I think she’s a class act, I love her ‘Liquid Lunch’ It would be something special if she was to take it on but I doubt she would with her star currently ascending even though it could probably translate into more sales – it worked for Cliff.

    • Yep – Love “Liquid Lunch” – oh and the song too Martin. I think that with Anouk this year eventually agreeing to do Eurovision for The Netherlands – and having success with it – that could be the tipping point for many established Dutch singers to take the plunge into Eurovision. She would be great on a big stage like ESC

  3. She actually had a major hit throughout Europe a couple of years ago. Though her music style is not my cup of tea, she would be a good choice for sure.

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