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NETHERLANDS 2014 – Caro Emerald Talks Eurovision

Caro Emerald. Photograph courtesy of ticketmaster

Caro Emerald. Photograph courtesy of ticketmaster

Dutch singing sensation Caro Emerald talks about Eurovision 2014. Several months back we had suggested that Caro Emerald would be an ideal candidate for Eurovision for The Netherlands – see here.

It looks as if we are not the only people who believe that she would be ideal for the contest. Yesterday after she completed a concert in Sheffield in the UK, Emerald spoke with UK website “sosogay” where they quizzed the singer about Eurovision.

Would she ever consider taking part in Eurovision?

“I always say ‘never say never’ as you don’t know about the future!  At the moment, though, I’m too busy to do that! However Anouk was and is fantastic – she is pop but has a strong voice with rock and soul influences. She was a wonderful Dutch representative at Eurovision this year”.

However Caro went on to suggest 2 Dutch Acts that she feels would be very successful at Eurovision 2014.

First up Caro spoke of the Dutch female singer Ilse Delange saying “she started as a country artist but now she is more pop and is incredible”

Ilse Delange is a multi-platinum selling recording artist from the Netherlands. Her most recent album was “Eye of the hurricane”. You can read more about her on her official website

Then she spoke of the band Dutch band “Racoon” saying that they are “amazing and you should check them out!”.

“Racoon is a Dutch pop-rock band founded in 1997. Bart van der Weide (vocals) and Dennis Huige (guitar) were fed up with the sound of their hardcore rock band Vic’tem and decided to go acoustic. Their first writings resulted in a song called Rapid Eye Movement. For their first release, a demo called “It’s an Ice Cream Day”. Stefan de Kroon (bass) and Paul Bukkens (drums) completed the band’s line-up.”

You can find out more about the band at their official website

Author/Website co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source – sosogay and Eurovision Ireland

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