Eurovision 2014 Artists

FYR Macedonia 2014 – Eurovision artist for 2014 to be announced tonight?

Español: Composición de la ARY Macedonia en el...

FYR Macedonia allegedly will announce their Eurovision 2013 Artist tonight (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Who will represent FYR Macedonia at Eurovision 2014? We will know that answer to this question tonight according to in a special announcement.

It seems that many countries are setting out their intentions for Eurovision 2014 early with San Marino doing so yesterday. This is a very good strategy for countries who find qualifying for the Grand Final of Eurovision challenging. By having your artist’s name out in the public domain, people will get to know their work and build anticipation for their entry release.

We believe that the announcement will be made on the show “24 Exclusive” according to

Esma and Vlatko unfortunately did not qualify for the Grand Final at Eurovision this year for FYR Macedonia – though I had them in my Top 10 in Semi Final 2.

We will keep you posted on the story.

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