Azerbaijan and UK joint press event – Eurovision 2013 – When Farid Met Bonnie

Farid Mammadov and Bonnie Tyler at Azerbaijan and UK joint press event

Farid Mammadov and Bonnie Tyler at Azerbaijan and UK joint press event

Today, the Eurovision Ireland team were invited to attend a short press event jointly held by the delegations from Azerbaijan and The United Kingdom for Eurovision 2013 in Malmo.

Farid Mammadov and Bonnie Tyler both arrived in the main square by the Eurovision 2013 clock for a photo opportunity for press. It was a very casual and light-hearted affair with Bonnie on fine form claiming she was old enough to be Farid’s mother. Farid presented Bonnie with some flowers in the Malmo sunshine and then we were invited to the Scandic hotel to do individual interviews.

To begin with Bonnie and Farid did a joint interview where Bonnie took an avid interest in the photos inside the Azeri Press Pack, especially the one of Farid’s “6 Pack”. Bonnie chuckled excitedly exclaiming “Oh look at this! I have nothing like this – at least if I do I have not been told anything about it” – She is a hoot!

Eurovision Ireland were then given the chance to interview Farid. We began with me showing Farid the mini pops icon t-shirt of him which he was delighted with. We took some pictures where he insisted on placing his head next to his little icon – what can i say except “everybody needs a bosom for a pillow”. I was NOT complaining.

Farid Mammadov with his Minipops Icon T-shirt

Farid Mammadov with his Minipops Icon T-shirt

We then had a short 3 minute interview with Garrett playing the role of Parkinson and Farid speaking through his interpreter. He was lovely and very eager to please and answer all questions. At the end of the interview I had a brain wave when i spontaneously removed my t-shirt and handed it to him. Don’t worry folks I had another on underneath.

It was unfortunate that we were unable to grab an interview with Bonnie as she was really pushed for time due to a UK Delegation reception at the UK Embassy in Copenhagen. We had been invited along to attend this event but do to our hectic schedule we had to decline the kind offer. We hope to catch up with Bonnie in the next few days to get our interview.

It was a really great event and was fabulous to be able to get up close and personal with the artists. I don’t think I am being biased when I say that Bonnie is promoting herself exceptionally well here in Malmo and everyone is taking her to their hearts. She is down to earth and realistic about her chances in the competition – Go Bonnie!!!!!! And Good luck Farid!!!!

There will be a similar article to this tomorrow as I have been invited, along with David Elder, to attend a small event at the Georgian Embassy for the Georgian delegation. All that frantic flag waving has its advantages and I will bring you all the news from Nodi and Sophie tomorrow.

Elaine Nodi Sophie and David - The Georgian Delegation

Elaine Nodi Sophie and David – The Georgian Delegation

Contibutor/ Author Elaine Dove

Source Eurovision Ireland

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  1. Lithuanian mass media: “So Azerbaijan bought voices on the Eurovision 2013” (Video) (
    Scandal: the Lithuanian voices for 20 euros for Azerbaijan on the Eurovision 2013
    quote – The man told that so work for Azerbaijan in 15 countries. On a question, how many everything is costed by a victory in competition, the man laconically told that millions.

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