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Ellen Benediktson at Eurovision 2013. Photo : YouTube

SWEDEN – Hasn’t Ellen Benediktson Grown Up Since Her Eurovision 2013 Debut?

Sweden – Ellen Benediktson is fast becoming one of he favourites to win Melodifestivalen this year since her automatic qualification to the final 2 weeks ago. However we thought you should see how far she has progressed since her appearance at Eurovision 2013? Last year SVT (Swedish National Broadcaster) […]

ByeAlex - "Messziről". Photograph courtesy of YouTube

HUNGARY : ByeAlex get REALLY angry!

ByeAlex brought Hungary to the Top 10 at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Malmo. Following the contest – despite some questionable hairstyles – ByeAlex have continued to release some interesting and diverse music. The band have just released their new song “Messziről” which could not be further […]