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European iTunes Charts - Photograph courtesy of wikipedia

Eurovision 2013 Songs make the iTunes Charts across Europe

Eurovision 2013 in Sweden has drawn to a close but many of the acts are enjoying success in the European iTunes charts in many countries. As successful as Loreen last year? Maybe not, but still showing the commercial success that can be enjoyed following an artist participating in […]

Ireland's Ryan Dolan getting out of a sticky situation - Photograph courtesy of Facebook

Ryan “MacGyver” Dolan

Ireland’s Eurovision hopeful for 2013 – Ryan Dolan – found himself in a spot of bother yesterday moments before they were due to get ready for their rehearsal. The gang managed to get locked into their dressing room moments before they were due to go onstage. Their Swedish guide […]

Semi Final 2 – Eurovision Ireland Team Predictions

There have been 2 rehearsals for Thursday’s 2nd semi final of Eurovision 2013 at The Malmo Arena Having watched the rehearsals, these are the opinions of our team Elaine’s Qualifiers Azerbaijan Finland Malta Iceland Greece Israel Armenia Norway Georgia Romania Andrew’s Qualifiers San Marino Azerbaijan Finland Norway Malta […]

Italy – Second Reahearsal with video.

Marco performs his 2nd set of rehearsals in the Malmo Arena. (YouTube Video Courtesy of ESCKaz) Garrett’s View Could I love this song or Marco any more? This is just pure heaven for me. Simple staging and amazing vocals makes me weak at the knees every time I hear […]