Bulgaria and Iceland 2nd Rehearsals Day 6

Bulgaria Eurovison 2013 photograph courtesy of Eurovision.tv   © Dennis Stachel (EBU)

Bulgaria Eurovison 2013 photograph courtesy of Eurovision.tv © Dennis Stachel (EBU)

Elitsa and Stoyan took to the stage for the 2nd rehearsal of the Bulgarian song Samo Shampioni at Eurovison 2013.


(YouTube Video Courtesy of ESCKaz)

Elaine’s view

You can not deny the energy and passion that goes into this song. Elitsa is a brilliant performer and they have put a lot into the presentation of the song. The fancy drumstick work looks good but the song itself lets them down in my opinion. They should have stuck with the first selection song. I find this just 3 minutes of noise and I don’t see it making the final come Saturday.

Andrew’s view

This song screams ethnicity as it has the full works, backing singers in national costumes, lots of drums, a piper who also dances with a mask, more drums and lots of wailing disguised as singing. It’s not got a hope in hell of qualifying, oh did I mention the drums?

Garrett’s View

Ethnic and Pop – which brought Bulgaria their best result back in 2007. However is this something that we have all seen before and don’t want to see again? Unfortunately this song is coming across as staged and contrived. Elitsa’s vocals are distinctive but at times they are shrill and off-putting. There is a lot going on in the performance to drums, pipes and a giant ethnic mask. This for me is too busy and is getting lost in translation. I think this will miss out on the final.


(YouTube ESCkaz)

Elaine’s view

Love this song. Simple, sung with ease and the chorus Eg A Lif has the best hook in the competition. I think this will have children and families singing along with it – whether you can speak Icelandic or not. Eythor’s voice is like velvet and he can sing my bedtime story to me any day. Another finalist for me.

Garrett’s View

Looking and sounding amazing – they experimented with white or black coats. Keep Eypor in the black suit. This is simple and stunning and he is completely charming on camera. When he looks down the lens you think that he is singing to you directly. The vocals are amazing and the big note that he hits at the climax of the song will ensure that Iceland make the final. Less is more and highly effective.

Andrew’s view

Iceland is beautifully staged and performed. Really great backdrop and spotlighting and strong vocals too. I think this also has a strong chance to make the final.

Source – Eurovision Ireland

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  1. What drums are there in the Icelandic song and backing singers in national costume????….are you watching the same song as we are?

  2. Andrew’s view of Iceland is a copy of what he said about Bulgaria.Think it’s just a copy and paste mistake

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