Eurovision 2013 - Dress Rehearsals

Malta – Second Rehearsal for Gianluca with Video Perfromance

Gianluca from Malta - Photograph courtesy of Eurovision,tv © Dennis Stachel (EBU)

Gianluca from Malta – Photograph courtesy of Eurovision,tv © Dennis Stachel (EBU)

Gianluca from Malta has taken to the stage for his second rehearsal.

Garrett’s View

(YouTube ESCKaz)

Gianluca is on the stage at the moment and as again he is commanding. He is dressed the same as his first rehearsal with the tan trousers, white shirt and dark waistcoat. Gianluca’s vocals are perfect and he is selling the song to the camera extremely well. The band are working wonderfully well with Gianluca and this again is my dark horse for the victory. This song is easily accessible and instantly memorable. I love this song and performance.

Elaine’s View

The 2nd Malta rehearsal was the same as the first rehearsal. Gianluca is totally delightful and endearing. This is the sweetest, presentation and it just makes you smile. It is his charisma that makes this song stand out from the others and his presentation sells this well. I would have preferred to have had the official video playing on the backdrop as I thought it was the most delightful thing ever but if you want people to sing along at home then putting the lyrics up on the backdrop is a good place to start. This should be in the final come Saturday.

Andrew’s View

This is such a cute performance of what is a very easy catchy song to listen to. I think the words on the screens behind are a little distracting but despite that I think this has a very good chance of making the final.

Source – Eurovision Ireland

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