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#BIRTHDAY: Eyþór Ingi from Iceland is 33 today

#BIRTHDAY: Eyþór Ingi from Iceland is 33 today Performers of all ages have been seen on a Eurovision stage. It cam sometimes be a fun game to guess whether a performer looks their age or not. Many performers try to look younger than they are. Some succeed. Some […]

Bulgaria Eurovison 2013 photograph courtesy of Eurovision.tv © Dennis Stachel (EBU)

Bulgaria and Iceland 2nd Rehearsals Day 6

Elitsa and Stoyan took to the stage for the 2nd rehearsal of the Bulgarian song Samo Shampioni at Eurovison 2013. Bulgaria (YouTube Video Courtesy of ESCKaz) Elaine’s view You can not deny the energy and passion that goes into this song. Elitsa is a brilliant performer and they […]

Iceland – First Rehearsal – Day 3

Eythor Ingi had his first rehearsal at Eurovision 2013 of his song Eg A Lif (I am Alive). Eythor sings this song simply and beautifully. He starts with his back to the audience and rotates slowly. The backdrop scene has taken the theme from his preview video of […]