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Ukraine – First Rehearsal reviewed by Elaine Dove

Ukraine – Eurovision 2013. Photograph courtesy of Facebook
Ukraine Eurovision 2013 - First Rehearsal. Photograph of Eurovision Turkey Facebook

Ukraine Eurovision 2013 – First Rehearsal. Photograph of Eurovision Turkey Facebook

Ukraine’s first dress rehearsal at The Malmo Arena for Eurovision 2013.

Well there have been a few comedy moments during this first day of rehearsals but nothing registered as highly on the “guffawing with laughter” scale as Zlata being carried onto the stage by a giant. Those of you who are familiar with the film The Goonies will know exactly what I mean if I say “Hey You Guys!!!!!” – it is so ridiculous it detracts from the song. On run through number 3 people are still laughing.


He is wearing massive moon boots and clomps onto the stage and she looks very uncomfortable in his arms and she gets plonked down on a rock. She is a very pretty girl and has good stage presence and provided a good vocal performance.

We were given a glimpse of her stage dress and it is a brown leather studded garment and a headdress that looks like road kill.

Song & Staging

The song is an uptempo anthemic song with a great hook and was up there in my favourite songs but I have to say the stage presentation and theatrics have made it into a comedy in 3 minutes rather than the 3 minutes of genius it could have been.

Author/Website Contributor Elaine Dove

Source – Eurovision Turkey Facebook and Eurovision Ireland

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  1. Even though this is odd. On reflection, I have a feeling there is more to this giant ;gimmick’ than what we’ve seen so far. Knowing the Ukraine they have something up their sleeve. She was very competent. I think this will still do well though I still am not a huge fan.

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