BIG POLL – Predict who will qualify from Eurovision Semi Final 2 ?

Eurovision Semi Final 2 - Voting Poll - Eurovision Predictions 2013

Eurovision Semi Final 2 – Voting Poll – Eurovision Predictions 2013

Your Eurovision Predictions Semi Final 2

Predict who will qualify from Semi Final TWO at the Eurovision Song contest 2013. Semi Final 2 will take place on May 16th 2013 in Malmo Sweden. The 17 countries in Semi Final 1 are as follows and you can vote as any times as you want for your favorite songs. Can you predict who will make the Grand Final of Eurovision 2013?

The 17 contestants in Semi Final 2 are as follows with their accompanying videos to help you decide. Voting lines will stay open for the month of April.

Vote for your Semi Final 2 Favourites in our Big Poll

View Videos for each Country in Eurovision Semi Final 2

 The Videos for each of the countries are a s follows


San Marino

F.Y.R. Macedonia















The voting will remain open for the month of April and we will give you regular updates on who you are predicting to qualify for the Grand Final and see if it is in keeping with the betting odds around Europe. Get Voting!

Author/Web-Site co-founder and Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

(Photograph courtesy of Squadtd and YouTube Videos courtesy of embedded owners)

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  1. Can we have an interview with the winner, Cezar? Is it possible, Eurovision Ireland? Thank you for considering it.

  2. Who I would like to see qualifying: San Marino, Israel, Azerbaijan, Norway and Romania. After these, I don’t mind if Finland, Malta and Hungary qualify too. And I don’t care about the rest…No hate, no love for them…

  3. I really believe in Cezar,he is great!i wasn’t much into Eurovision but this year i’m indeed interested…he is different,unique,amazing!

  4. Hi i’m from Malta so i will be biased if i say that my country will qualify but i really hope so :))))) the rest of the countries that i think will qualify are: georgia, azerbaijan, romania and finland for sure…….san marino, greece, israel, switzerland…….and for last spot i have my doubts about norway, iceland or albania.

    • Darren, Malta will be in the final, for sure. And Romania, too, I’m from Romania. I like your song and you have my vote. Vote Romania!

  5. OK, we got your feeling about Romania, but is this democratic voting??? Else you can just tel us the results like BBC does every year…

  6. Again, Who I think will qualify is different from who I’d LIKE to qualify at this stage but I selected
    Azerbaijan, Finland, Malta, Iceland, Greece, Israel, Armenia, Norway, Albania & Georgia.
    I would so love and do hope that San Marino and Hungary will make it at the expense of Armenia & Iceland but am not sure they will.

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