#BIRTHDAY: Engelbert Humperdinck from the UK is 86 today

#BIRTHDAY: Engelbert Humperdinck from the UK is 86 today

Eurovision is a young person’s game. Or is it? People of all ages from 11 to, well, unknown, despite a certain presenter in 1987 telling us about the rising stars taking part.

Our friends in the UK are amongst those countries to have sent many different types to our favourite TV show. The oldest was today’s birthday boy Engelbert Humperdinck (né Arnold George Dorsey). His career had already spanned many decades and was popular the world over. So the BBC must have thought they were on a good thing sending a safe pair of hands. Not so it seems. The ‘hump’ was put on first, and perhaps the lunacy of the 25 countries, various interval acts, and CD promos that followed were his undoing. On the bright side, he didn’t finish last, and he got to meet Jedward. So it goes to show even the more mature can still have positive experiences.

Authors: Riigi Ametnik, John Stanton


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