Eurovision 2022

#Eurovision 2022: Meanwhile….back in the UK .Bringing you coverage of the contest from home soil !Day 3

Buona Sera Europa,Buongiorno Australia!

While John and Richard are doing a sterling job out in Turin , bringing you coverage from the Eurovision venue, those of us Eurovision Ireland team members who were unable to be in Turin did not want our lovely followers to think we’d disappeared off the scene , so……we have put our heads together and decided that just because we’re stuck in Blighty doesn’t mean that you should miss out on hearing our thoughts as to how things are shaping up in sunny Italy . Even if the four walls of our home aren’t quite the same as enjoying the sunnier climes of Turin ! 😦

Unfortunately , we are somewhat limited this year with our usual coverage. However , we have been able to get a look at the Press Meet and Greet sessions, which are basically the first press conferences given by each artist after they have done their 1st rehearsal. This actually gives a chance to get to know more about the performers from each country, so, I decided today to just give my thoughts on some of the Meet and Greet sessions from Day 3 in Turin , as seen online from the comfort of my sitting room!

ISRAEL -Michael Ben David .

Well, after all the shenanigans of the last weeks, with Israel giving us a ” will they/won’t they” guessing game as to whether they would actually be attending the contest, they are well and truly in Turin ! I have to say I have never come across anyone so excitable and full of enthusiasm as Michael Ben , to the point where he was perhaps at times a bit O.T.T ,constantly bursting into song !Nevertheless , he comes across as a nice guy . He made strong statement of being a Pussycat dolls fan and explained that the biggest influence musically for him is Nicole Scherzinger, of said Pussy cat Dolls. We got the history of how 6 months ago , he was working as a cashier in some local supermarket ( presumably in Israel !) .We got to see a serious side to Michael Ben as the interview progressed as he explained that his mother was born in Kyiv, Ukraine and his Uncle is still in a bunker there. He explained how worried he is for them as with the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine , there is little food and medicine . I am sure there are many others out there who will relate to that situation . We ended the interview with the interviewer being taught the dance moves of Michael Ben’s performance of I.M.


Now this was the meet and greet I was really looking forward to as Konstrakta’s song has quite grown on me during the last few weeks since we at Eurovision Ireland, reviewed it in one of our panel shows .She was accompanied by her 5 backing singers/hand clappers/personal assistants ….make of them what you will when you see them on stage! Konstrakta comes across as a no -nonsense woman with a serious message to send out to all of us. I personally wouldn’t want to get on the wriong side of her .Konstrakta was asked about the meaning of her song , it’s apparently a warning about health and the atmosphere we are living in. Though quite what Meghan Markle has to do with health and atmosphere is anyone’s guess and I have to say I am still puzzled .Konstrakta was asked if Meghan Markle has contacted her, she replied that she hasn’t but would be very pleased if she did ! 🙂 . She said that she wrote the song while walking her dog, Rocky , who also has a star role in the video of In Corpore Sano. Konstrakta stated that she was surprised to win the Serbian National Final ,have to admit , so was I ! Although not a fan of the Pre -Eurovision parties, she feels that they have given her more confidence. The interview ended with Konstrakta treating us to a verse of her song . I reckon she’ll be one to watch in the next couple of weeks!


Wow, I really felt like I had been taken into another universe watching these guys! As with another certain act , representing Norway, they are very much into mask wearing . They say the reason for this is is that they are not governed by identity and ego or the cult of of personality ! The band said that they have enjoyed all the pre Eurovision parties and regards Eurovision as a “joyful ” event, which of course we know it is ! They are strong believers of animals not being kept in captivity .They were asked if we are going to be treated to a full circus performance, however they were pretty much non-committal about this but did say that they have some surprises in store. When asked what seems to be a common question in these interviews, if they have a ritual or routine they carry out before they go on stage, their reply was ” push ups”! I have to hand it to them for their energy if this is the case, I couldn’t see myself even getting down on the floor these days, never mind doing push -ups ! We had the usual treat to a quick verse of their song. Will be interesting to see how Europe takes to them !


Emma started by stating that she had been nervous about the first rehearsal but really enjoyed it . She explained why their had been a song change, stating that her original song ” Out of sight ” was perhaps going to be a little too personal to relate to an audience , so the song was changed to “I am ,what I am ” , the message behind it is about respecting yourself and that self-love is something that many people struggle with. Emma has a fondness for Italy as four years ago, she competed in an Italian talent show , for which she is grateful for the experience. What I loved was one of the press questions asking if she had a nickname , or if not , what would she choose ? Emma was very quick of the mark in her reply and came up with ” Muscatier ” ( as in the 3 Musketeers ) . Very witty Emma ! Asked who she would like to perform a duet with , she said “Dua Lipa”.


Now this was another one I was looking forward to and Achille didn’t disappoint !Speaking through an interpreter he stated that his music is not just about being a performer but being an artist too. When asked by one of the press if his performance might just be a little too similar to last year’s winner, Achille was pretty non-committal about this . He has worked with the creative director of the Gucci fashion house .He knows Måneskin as everyone knows each other in Italy . He doesn’t see Eurovision as a contest but rather, a place to showcase his art. This is a man who works tirelessly, doing more than 150 concerts in 2018. He has said we will be treated to something quite different in his performance, though would not say what this may be.Something with a shock factor? I wouldn’t be surprised.

So here ends another day in the sometimes crazy world of Eurovision. These are just my thoughts on a few of the acts today, please do not despair lovely readers if your country was not discussed, we will get round to your country in good time , there are after all two weeks and more interviews to enable us to catch up with those we have missed ! Tune in tomorrow when I will be bringing you my thoughts on some of the acts due to perform in the second half of Semi Final 2. In the meantime, please do keep looking for reports from John and Richard , who are out in Turin and no doubt treating you to a tourist guide to Turin, while we await the first opportunity to see the acts rehearse on stage.Join us for Day 4 tomorrow !

Until tomorrow folks !

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