#ESC2022: Staggy Days 1-2

#ESC2022: Staggy Days 1-2

Staggy has been exploring the city of Torino. Here are some of his first pictures…

Stay tuned for more of his adventures

Author: Staggy Ristamouse, wrangled by John Stanton

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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  1. Hi, It’s really difficult and confusing to know what you guys are doing in Torino, I see pictures of teddy bears and posts about past contestants’ birthdays nobody cares about, but overall, no real report on the rehearsals, while most of ESC related websites are capable to do it. What’s happening?

    I’ve been a loyal reader of yours for years now, but very disappointed this year.

    • Hi Greg. Thanks for your comment. Our coverage has been a bit restricted this year, as we’re only able to watch the second set rehearsals which start on 4 May. But don’t worry, we will be blogging when they start.

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