#OBITUARY: Pearl Carr has died aged 98

OBITUARY: Pearl Carr has died aged 98

The world of Eurovision is sad to hear of the passing of Pearl Carr, who represented the United Kingdom at the 1959 Eurovision Song Contest in Cannes with her late husband Teddy Johnson.

Pearl and Teddy were the first in a long line of UK performers that have finished as runners-up. Their song – Sing little birdie – came second to the Netherlands’ Teddy Scholten with her song Een beetje.

Pearl was originally the lead singer with the band The Keynotes, who had moderate success in the UK singles charts in 1956. When Pearl and Teddy won the Eurovision Song Contest British Final in 1959, they initially didn’t realise they’d need to go to Cannes to sing for their country. The UK delegation consisted of five – Pearl, Teddy, and three BBC employees.

After their second place, they tried again in 1960, and were beaten in the national final by Teddy’s brother Bryan. They continued in the entertainment industry, finally retiring in 1990. They lived together in a home for retired entertainers, and their last appearance together was in a Morecambe & Wise tribute in 2018. Teddy died, also aged 98, shortly after they recorded their tribute.

Eurovision Ireland’s thoughts are with Pearl Carr’s family at this time.

Author: John Stanton

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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