#BIRTHDAY: Luca Hänni from Switzerland is 25 today

BIRTHDAY: Luca Hänni from Switzerland is 25 today

In this column, we don’t normally pick birthdays from the current year. But until May we had none on 8 October – and then two come along at once! Who’s the other one? Wait until 2020.

We say that anyone can win, or do well, despite a previous record. A certain Czech demonstrated that a few days ago. Now there’s a certain confederation of 26 cantons. They’ve won a couple of times, and had a few other podium finishes too. But nothing of note since 1993. Then they recruited today’s birthday boy Luca Hänni and he only went and finished fourth. He didn’t that well on the 12-point front, but consistency is the name of the game. The televoters loved him which is always a good thing for those who think beyond a certain Grand Final. And it must give our Swiss friends hope.

Authors: Riigi Ametnik, John Stanton


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