#BIRTHDAY: Alekseev from Belarus is 26 today

BIRTHDAY: Alekseev from Belarus is 26 today

We all know that staging is key. Yes, it’s a song contest, but sometimes a song needs a costume change or a slick dance routine to squeeze a few extra points out of the jurors and televoters.

In 2018, when we enjoyed the sun in Lisbon, Belarus sent today’s birthday boy Аляксееў/Alekseev (né Микита Володимирович Алєксєєв/Nikita Vladimirovich Alekseev). If you’re anything like me, you would have wanted to be a fly on the wall of the staging planning meeting. If you watch his stage performance you’ll discover why. It gets more and more, erm, interesting by the second, with an ending that will leave you open-mouthed. Just see if you don’t. Anyway, his performance only persuaded three juries to vote for him, although he got more from the televoters of Europe. Curiously, he got his only maxima in the televote and from the jury of the same country.

Authors: Riigi Ametnik, John Stanton


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