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#ROMANIA “We can still hope for the existance of Devoted people” Johnny Badulescu #Interview


Hey guys! We continue the series of interviews with the candidates from Romania’s Semi-Finals of Selectia Nationala 2018. Today we had the pleasure of having a chat with Johnny Badulescu. Look at what he told us!

Hey Johnny! Thank you for accepting this interview. First let me congratulate you for qualifying in the 2018 Semi-Finals of Selectia Nationala! Can you tell us a few words about you?

Johnny Badulescu is the student of the Faculty of Political Science who would like to become a steward and would if he could go out on the street dancing like there’s nobody watching. Johnny knows very well that he is a constantly evolving person, perhaps because of this he has chosen to study International Relations and European Studies, to leave a loophole open to all opportunities and why not to the various ideas and projects that inspire him in his life day by day.

I hear he’s a funny guy with whom you can handle any discussion because nothing is too taboo for him. I think Johnny Badulescu is also a sensitive guy and it’s hard to talk about him, preferring to let his music characterize his personality and character. It is precisely why he repeats hard and hopes that the song DEVOTED will convey the real feeling he feels when he plays it, thus becoming a mirror for the general public.

That was very poetic. If you could choose a song from Eurovision history, that you would have liked to be its composer or original singer, which one would you choose?

I really cannot choose a single song. So a first choice would be ” L’ essenziale ” by Marco Mengoni. The sensibility of the song and the emotion it transmits makes me wish I was the one who should have sang it at the ESC.  Another similar choice would be “Milim” by Harel Skaat; a song I love enormously.

I can’t overlook ” Golden Boy ”, a piece full of energy, which makes me get up from my chair every time I hear it. I had to admit that every time I get the chance to have a concert or TV show, I choose to sing this song as well. I’m trying to stop here, but I can’t without mentioning ” Heroes ”, ” Silent storm ”, ” Beautiful mess ” and the list can continue.

You do seem to be a Devoted Eurovision fan! Can you tell us what made you decide to compete in Selectia Nationala 2018 and what is the message of your song “Devoted”?

Eurovision itself is a competition that most of the artists dream of. Somehow I think that when you manage to qualify for the ESC final you can be proud and happy about your musical achievements. That’s why my passion for ESC started out in my early childhood when I was watching the ESC and I was making notes and making my TOPs according to the musical preference. So, I could not help but to try first at the Eurovision Junior 2009 – National Selection, where I took second place. Since then, I’ve been wishing to participate in the great ESC.

For my participation this year, I chose the song DEVOTED. I fell in love with this song from my first listening of it. Separation from someone dear was the reason I thought that the song DEVOTED is the most suitable for me, considering the state and emotions that I had back then. So I went with what my heart told me, and I chose DEVOTED. It’s a song that tells a love story, suggesting that we can still hope for the existence of devoted people who can cross any barriers for the loved one. I want to tell this story on the stage, the story of a wounded man who longs for love and for a person to whom he has been devoted, but can’t have anymore.

Do you think last year’s backing vocals experience for Cristina Vasiu at Selectia Nationala will help you this year?

The experience with Cristina was wonderful, especially as she is a very good friend of mine and I was extremely happy to be with her on the stage in such a tense and emotional moment. Last year I realized that ESC is an experience that helps you live emotions that I don’t know where else you can have. My only thought was that I do not want it to end. That’s why I wanted to repeat this experience again this year.

If you were to win the National Selection, what would be the first thing you would do?

I would probably cry, ha-ha. I do not even want to think about that at this moment, but I would really be the happiest man on Earth. I would probably scream and I would thank those who voted for me, and last but not least God for the gift He gave me.

What would you like to say to our readers?

Thank you Johnny and good luck!

Author: Bogdan-Stefan Fedeles

Source: Johnny Badulescu, Eurovision Ireland



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