Eurovision 2017 Semi Final 2 Statistical Facts and Figures.

So last night we had the second Semi Final of Eurovision 2017 in Kyiv and what a fantastic show it was. We of course now know our winners and losers here. So as well as 10 countries happy to go to the Final we also have 8 countries sadly disappointed not to make it after all the hard work to get this far. But what do the results mean to each country in the hard facts of Semi Final qualification over the years? Here I have taken a closer look at each countries record.


This is only the third time that Serbia have failed to qualify after two successive qualifications in the last two years. This has been achieved in 9 attempts.


It is the fourth year in a row that Austria have qualified for the Final keeping up a good run that begin with Conchita’s win. Of course the year after that they were host country. Overall they qualified 4 times out of 8 attempts.

FYR Macedonia

It is now five years in a row that they have failed to qualify which is really quite a dismal run. Overall they have failed to qualify 9 times out of 14 attempts.


They have failed to qualify now for the sixth time which equals the number of times they have qualified too.


Despite being disqualified last year they still have kept their 100% record of qualification intact. They have now achieved 10 qualifications out of 10 attempts.

The Netherlands

That is now two qualifications in a row for the Dutch which helps to improve their dismal record in Semi Finals. This makes it 5 qualifications out of 14 attempts.


An amazing seven qualifications in a row now for Hungary which a brilliant run for them. They have now qualified 9 times out of 11 attempts.


They have ended a run of two missed qualifications to return to the Grand Final. Overall they have a decent record of qualification having done so 9 times out of 13 attempts.


This is now the fourth year in a row that Ireland have failed to qualify for the Final. Overall they have failed 7 times in 12 attempts. Lets hope for better next year.

San Marino

A poor record for San Marino continues with their 7th failures out of 8 attempts. Valentina of course is the only artist to qualify but she has now failed another 3 times.


Second year in a row they have reached the Final after not qualifying before that since 2009. Overall they have qualified 6 times in 11 attempts.


They have qualified after failing to last year. Overall they have qualified  8 times in 11 attempts.


Third year in a row they have failed to qualify which continues a dismal record for getting to the Final. Overall they have failed 10 times out of 14 attempts.


After two failures in a row Belarus are back in the Final with a bang. Overall they have qualified 5 times now out of 14 attempts.


We now have two Finals in a row for Bulgaria who after a dismal record seem to have found their form. This is now their 3rd qualification out of 11 attempts.


They have failed to qualify after two successive years in the Final. This is the 6th time they have failed out of 13 attempts.


Two years in a row now that they have failed to reach the Final. Overall a poor record of 9 failures out of 14 attempts.


Third qualification in a row for Israel. Overall 7 qualifications out of 13 attempts.


So there we have it folks hope you enjoyed my delve into the statistics behind the qualifications. Later today we continue to cover the Dress Rehearsals of the Grand Final with our live blogs of 1st Dress Rehearsal  here and the Jury Final later tonight.

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Author: Andrew Main

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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