London Eurovision Party – Highlights on Instagram


The London Eurovision Party was last night and it was a blast! Our girl Lisa and Richard were on the case and they will be uploading their videos/Pictures/videos throughout the week but here are some of their highlights from social media – make sure to keep coming back to our Instagram page for more as they go up.

Let’s start off with the ‘Money Shot’ as they say. What happens when Nicky Byrne leans in and sings the climax to #Sunlight to you? Well THIS!

Lisa nearly took off Nicky’s nipple when she pinned him as you can see!

Then we had some fun with the men from Minus One – Do they play an instrument? Hmmmm

Here is Minus One’s full performance of their Eurovision song ‘Alter Ego’

Then it was time to catch up with Lisa’s now good friend Zoe from Austria – they only met last week in Vienna. Did you catch their interview? SEE HERE

Then ‘If Love Was A Crime’ then we would be locked up because we love Poli.

Then it’s time for our Macedonian Bomdshell who we #LOVE yes it’s Kaliopi

That important question of all time – Wine or Chocolate? See what Icelandic stunner Greta Salome had to say.

Now what happens when you get into someone’s text messages. Ohhh see what Croatia’s Nina Kraljic

BBC’s Scott Mills got in on the action

There will be more to follow plus the answers to Lisa’s ‘Powerpuff Girls Quiz’.

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Author : Lisa-Jayne Lewis
Source: Eurovision Ireland Instagram




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  1. Ok, so I was going through Wiwi’s pictures from the London event and noticed that the Cafe seemed to be full of men with hardly any women in the room. And then I noticed one spectacular looking lady in a blue shirt standing closest to the stage. Now I know that this was Lisa. I am planning to go to a semi in Stockholm this year. Is it always like that there? meaning predominantly men with just a few women? Would ladies feel intimidated if travelling alone?

    • Hi V, yes that was me right at the front with my friend Joey, we got some great video of the acts for Eurovision Ireland! Actually it’s funny you say about the men/women ratio. If you look closely you might see that of the 12/13 people standing right at the very front of the stage 8 of them are women, and I commented to Joey how there were lots of women there this year. It will be my first time at Eurovision this year, but I’ve been to other Eurovision events, the concert in London, London Eurovision Party and I have to say I’ve always felt there was a pretty even split of men/women and I have never felt intimidated at any of these events, I’ve always arrived alone and left with a whole bunch of new friends!

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