London Eurovision Party – Powerpuffed! 10-12

With the reboot of Powerpuff girls on Cartoon Network, last week has saw the launch of a wonderful new website which I (Lisa-Jayne) have become addicted to, you can now Powerpuff yourself!

After wasting a lot of time Powerpuffing almost everyone I know, I decided to create Powerpuffs of some of this year’s Eurovision performers, we’ve been playing ‘guess the star’ on Instagram and I thought with the fabulous London Eurovision Party happening this very day I’d ‘Powerpuff’ some of the artists who will be gracing the stage at Café de Paris later on tonight – here’s the final 3 to guess, answers tomorrow!

10 Ovidiu Anton 11 Poli Genova 12 Minus One


Answers on a postcard please (showing my age with that phrase!) answers in the comments sections please, oh and visit the site and Powerpuff yourself, then share it with us, we’d love to see it.

I Powerpuffed some of the Eurovision Ireland team too; here’s is our very own Editor in Chief and general ‘Big Chees’ ( we know you love him as much as we do!) as a Powerpuff boy. I was thrilled that there was a checked shirt as we challenge you to find a video of Garrett not wearing one of his vast collection of them. Roger Federer the cat has joined the party too!!


Hope you’ve enjoyed this fun little game, answers tomorrow…

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Author (and Powerpuff addict): Lisa-Jayne Lewis
Source: Eurovision Ireland Instagram

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