AUSTRIA: Catching up with Zoe in Vienna


Whilst I was in Vienna yesterday I was so fortunate to be able to head out to ORF TV Centre to meet up with the very sweet Zoe Straub who will be representing Austria this year with her song ‘Loin D’ici’.

So I arrived with mad hair, having got caught in a massive thunderstorm whilst out in Vienna the night before and we found a little corner to sit in and chat about all things Eurovision!

We talked about Eurovision pre-parties, getting to know the other artists, staging for Stockholm and ‘that’ treadmill! If you are in Austria you’ll be able to catch Zoe as the special guest on ‘Dancing Stars’ tonight (or on ORF player) and you may recognise a few of the people wandering past behind us.

Here’s she is – it’s Zoe…

Thanks Zoe, see you soon!

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Author: Lisa-Jayne Lewis
Source: Eurovision Ireland

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