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EUROVISION 2016 – THE REVENGE! This time… it’s personal!


They’re back – and this time, they mean business! The Eurovision Song Contest is no stranger to veteran performers. Most years we get at least one singer returning to the stage for another chance to grab the gold in Europe’s favourite music competition. But for 2016, a lot of things are shaping up to be very familiar!

This year’s hosts, Petra Mede and Måns Zelmerlöw, are familiar faces to all Eurovision fans and even the venue itself, Stockholm’s Ericsson Globe, is no stranger to the contest after hosting it in 2000. Want more hints of déjà-vu? So far, no fewer than 7 confirmed acts are artists who have already participated at Eurovision before! Let’s have a look at just some of the acts trying their luck again in Stockholm:-




Previous Year: 2004

Position to Beat: 9th


Better known by his stage name Deen, his upbeat dance track ‘In The Disco’ brought Bosnia their 2nd ever placing in the Top 10 when he sang in Istanbul in 2004. Even today, it still gets Eurovision party-goers up and moving! In Stockholm this year, he’ll be joined onstage by Dalal Midhat-Talakić and Ana Rucner for ‘Ljubav Je’. Bosnia have had a bit of a rocky road to Eurovision this year – can they overcome these odds to win it all?




Previous Years: 2012, 1996*

Position to Beat: 13th


As well as representing Macedonia in Baku in 2012, Kaliopi was also (almost) Macedonia’s first-ever Eurovision contestant! Unfortunately in 1996 there was an untelevised pre-qualification round during which ‘Samo Ti’ was eliminated, meaning Macedonia wouldn’t debut for another 2 years – boo! Back in 2014, the lovely Kaliopi told Eurovision Ireland at Skopjefest that she’d consider returning to Eurovision –  and she was true to her word! We’re absolutely thrilled to see her back on the Eurovision stage!




Previous Year: 2002

Position to Beat: 2nd


Ira and ‘7th Wonder’ brought the tiny Mediterranean island tantalisingly close to victory in Tallinn in 2002 – with just one ‘douze points’, they would have equalled victors Latvia! Ira was originally going to sing Chameleon in Stockholm but will now be singing ‘Walk On Water’ instead. Malta is the most successful country in Eurovision without a win –can Ira change that for them and finally bring them their long awaited first ever victory? The bookies certainly seem to think it could be in with a chance!




Previous Year: 2005, 2006*

Position to Beat: 7th

Part of the Montenegrin boyband No Name, Bojan Jovović helped bring Serbia and Montenegro a respectable Top 10 finish with ‘Zauvijek Moja’ in Kiev in 2005.  The band was also set to return to Eurovision for Serbia and Montenegro in 2006, but due to allegations of tactical voting during the national selection, the country couldn’t agree who to send and withdrew – meaning No Name were also Serbia and Montenegro’s last ever Eurovision contestants as the country dissolved the next year! Will Bojan’s new band Highway have better luck in Sweden?


Stay tuned as we’ll have a look at the other returning artists soon – this ain’t over!

Who are you happiest about seeing return to Eurovision in Stockholm? Do any of these veterans have what it takes to take home the trophy? Are there any acts you’d love to see return to Eurovision in future?


Let us know what you think!

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Author: James Scanlan

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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  1. I don’t think that any of these returning artists will get anywhere near their debut placings – Ira has the best chance but I don’t think that WOW will make the top three this year.

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