Eurovision 2016

MALTA : Eurovision Betting Odds Dramatically Shorten ahead of release of Ira Losco’s new song

Walk on Water

‘Walk On Water’ brings Malta close to the top!

With the news that Eurovision fan favourite Ira Losco was bringing a new song to Eurovision 2016, the betting odds on her winning the contest have shortened dramatically!

Before hearing the song (which you will tonight) there has been a betting frenzy on Malta to pull off their first win at the Eurovision Song Contest.

Malta are now currently third to win in the betting odds without the general public hearing a note of ‘Walk on Water’. Losco won MESC earlier this year with the song ‘Chameleon’ that left Eurovision fans somewhat divided in their opinion on the song.

Following a review of options and songs by International and Local music experts, it was decided to change her song for Stockholm to tonight’s new entry #WOW aka ‘Walk on Water’.

How will the betting odds react to the premier of Malta’s new song for Eurovision? We all know what happened to Poland’s odds after their national final!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Oddschecker



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