Eurovision 2015

Stockholm will host Eurovision 2016 – Are you happy with the decision?

Stockholm - The Capital of Scandinavia

Stockholm – The Capital of Scandinavia

What city will host Eurovision 2016?

SVT (Swedish National Broadcaster) have made their decision.

The Swedish Capital of Stockholm will host the contest for the third time. What venue will we be in? We are heading back to the 2000 Eurovision Venue of the Globen Arena!

When will the contest take place?

The Semi-Finals will be held on 10 and 12 May, the Grand Final on 14 May 2016.

Martin Österdahl will be the Executive Producer for the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest on behalf of SVT. He was also the man who led the 2013 contest in Malmö, Sweden

The arena has a capacity of 14,000 to 16,000 spectators. The 1,500 Members of the Press will be located at the Hovet venue and delegations will be located in the Annex.

“The jewel on the crown is that we can organise an even more powerful Eurovision Song Contest by incorporating the Tele2 Arena in the Grand Final,” said Österdahl.


Eurovision 2016 Tickets. Photo : Wikipedia

Eurovision 2016 Tickets. Photo : Wikipedia


It is hoped that Tickets may be on sale by the end of 2015. Official Ticket suppliers will be announced by SVT

Participation Countries?

Broadcasters have until mid-September to formally submit their applications to take part at Eurovision 2016. As in most cases a definitive list of participating countries will be confirmed by to the end of the year.

Late January will see the Semi-Final Allocation Draw where countries will be allotted into the 2 Semi Finals


Globen Arena Stockholm. Photo Wikipedia

Globen Arena Stockholm. Photo Wikipedia

Want to know more about the Globe Arena in Stockholm?

You can find out more at their official Website HERE

So are you happy with going to Stockholm for Eurovision 2016?

Want to know 10 reasons why we like the fact that we are going to Stockholm then see HERE!


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