Bosnia Herzegovina

BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA : Is their Eurovision team being sued?


Reports today in Balkan Media claim that former backing singer Zuzi Zu is considering suing the Eurovision 2016 team from Bosnia & Herzegovina.

Zuzi Zu was a member of the team involved in the demo recording of the song “Ljubav je”. However shortly before the presentation of the song last week, Zu left the Eurovision team. She is now claiming that the backing vocals that were presented last week were hers and that she did not give her permission for them to be used.

Almir Ajanović – the composer of “Ljubav je” said that Zu’s vocals were removed from the backing track. He went further and said the reason that Zu left the project was due to her not respecting him as the producer of the song. Ajanović claims that Zu’s backing vocals have been replaced by Elma Selimović and Zorana Guj.

Zu is considering what potential action now to take against the Eurovision team.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Danas 24

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