AUSTRALIA : Delta Goodrem Tweets About Eurovision Participation


‘The Winner Takes It All’ but in this case we’re not sure

The Announcement on who will represent Australia at Eurovision 2016 is almost upon us. It seems like an election campaign to rival that for President in America. All we are short of is a crazy man with orange hair and face who wants to build walls everywhere!

Delta Goodrem has been the favourite to take the nomination and go to Eurovision following her involvement in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest last year. The singer took to twitter this morning and made a statement

So it seems that the Aussie Buzz Feed list that had her as favourite to go to Stockholm, was the straw that broke the camels back – not that we are calling the stunning Goodrem a camel. That’s rude (no offense to camels) but she is a snow leopard following her amazing run in ‘Cats’.

So the attention now turns to artists like Dami Im among others.

So what were the clues about from days 1 and 2 SBS? We thought we were super clever and had worked it out!

Back to the drawing board minions – We’re going to steal Australia and find out the answer!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Twitter

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  1. i was so shock that delta said that! because i am really wanted dami to be at EV, so people were like it’s delta now isn’t SOO OMG can’t wait to know who is it! i hope dami

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