Who Will Represent Australia at Eurovision 2016? – Clues 1 and 2

Collect the clues

Who will represent Australia at Eurovision 2016?

We will know the answer to that question via Conchita at her concert in the Sydney Oprah House on March 3rd.

However Aussie Broadcaster SBS has decided to release a series of clues daily before the announcement. They posted this cryptic clue

Here is our guess based on this clue

A lot of blue Delph in the picture and some good healthy food and an i-pad possibly looking for a room in Stockholm? So maybe Delph/Delta Good Room/Rem – Delta Goodrem?

Furthermore she leads a vegie lifestyle (the breakfast), and one of her favourite drinks is a soy chai latte. She promoted ‘So Good’ soymilk in Australia.

Then do you remember the 2004 song from the singer called ‘Out of the Blue’

So that’s our logic on Clue #1


Now there is Clue #2

Now who do we think when we think of piano?

Well my first memory of Delta Goodrem is her at a piano – but that could be said for many other artists. However remember that Goodrem posted pics of her in the studio recently with the words ‘In Process’ – SEE HERE


Who do you think it is?


Author : Editor in Chief

Source : SBS Australia 


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