Eurovision 2016

GERMANY: Live Rolling Blog of ‘Unser Lied fur Stockholm’ – #JoinUs at 20:15CET


Please let there be no drama in Germany this year!!

Time for Germany to get their groove on and select their song for Eurovision 2016. With a new head of delegation we are hoping for big things!

We will be guiding you through the night so get yourself a stein of beer, some frankfurters and put your beach towel down in your spot. This is gonna be a fun ride tonight!

Join us at 20:15 CET for our LIVE BLOG. You know the drill – just refresh the page for full updates and our thoughts on the performances.

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The show starts at 20:15 CET. You can watch Internationally using the links HERE or HERE


Richard here after a week off from LIVE BLOGS and Barbara Schoneberger, all of our favourite German comedian is back to host another National Final. She has already opened the show with a melody of German ESC hits. Will Barbara have to compere a controversial ending again to the German National Final – let’s hope not, but would be highly entertaining wouldn’t it!

We have been entertained with a montage of German “Classics”, along with landmark Eurovision “Classics” from the contest’s 60 year history. Please take the term “Classic” loosely!

1 Ella Endlich – “Adrenalin”


Adrenalin is something young Ella and her half naked male dancers bring to this entry! This is high energy and brings life to the start from what looks to be a closely fought contest tonight. Germanyan entry here that wouyld sit perfectly in Melodifestivalen and therefore would be perfect for their entry in Stockholm – fun, fun, fun!

2 Joco – “Full Moon”


Full Moon is definitely a big contrast to the previous entry we have just witnessed. Where as Adrenalin was about the high energy, Full Moon is more about the ethnic energy route that many Eurovision songs are taking these days. It is ok, but I can’t see this following ion the footsteps of Ann Sophie.

3  Gregorian – “Masters of Chant”


The Maltese tried to send their Nuns (who we LOVE), and now the Germans want to send their Monks. This actually works and I am surprised. Never would the sounds of a monastery sound so right on a National Final stage. Gregorian could prove a surprise hit with both the Germans and the rest of Europe.

4 Woods of Birnam – “Lift Me Up (From the Underground)”

5 Crotchgrab

Woods of Birnam, who came up with this name? The name is alternative and contemporary just like the song. If you think of an eighties disco type look, this is just what you will get. Probably the most upbeat since Adrenalin was performed for the first entry.

5 Luxuslarm – “Solange Liebe in mir wohnt”


6 Keoma – “Protected”

6 Keoma

Protected has brought a new dimension to tonight’s proceedings – sensual and emotive. This could do very well in the European charts on it’s own without the need to go on and represent the country in Stockholm – although it does deserve to go there.

7 Avantasia – “Mystery of a Blood Red Rose”

7 Ava

It’s not a National Final without a bit of hard rock is it?

8 Alex Diehl – “Nur ein Lied”

8 Andreas

I’m sorry, but Alex has already given me flashbacks to Andreas last year! Andreas obviously had a fantastic song, but let everyone down by not going to Vienna. Alex is one of tonight’s favourites and could do really well. Let’s hope he doesn’t do a repeat of that highly entertaining result last year. Although not a highly enegetic entry, this would do extremely well.

9 Jamie-Lee Kriewitz – “Ghost”

9 Ghost

Ghost is I’m assuming suppose to be a very haunting entry – in fact I find it to be very fairytale like! I know the fairytale element of songs feature mainly in Junior Eurovision these days, but when they do appear at Eurovision, it certainly provides an entry that entices the viewer.

10 Laura Pinski – “Under the Sun We Are One”

10 Under the Sun

OMG! Now those that know me, know I’m generally not a ballard sort of guy. Laura has blown me away with this song. Yes it delivers a message, which can be important for a song to succeed – “We Are One”, who ever you are and whatever you believe in. She is stunning and has a white dress that fans out into a star on the stage floor. I was just talking about fairytales with Jamie-Lee, but Laura really has trounced her entry.


Avantasia, Alex Diehl and Jamie-Lee Kriewitz have gone through to the super-final! Due to WIFI issues earlier, I didn’t get to see much of Avantasia and to be quite frank with you, Rock music in general doesn’t work at Eurovision and this certainly won’t. Alex Diehl in contrast has a song that certainly would do very well – a song similar to last year’s original winner, before that moment. Sorry Jamie-Lee, but after witnessing your encore performance as such, I find it quite cold and chilling compared to everything else I’ve seen tonight.


The Common Linnets – “Calm After The Storm”

11 Common

Calm After The Storm is still as good now as it was in Copenhagen back in 2014. Had Conchita not been participating in Copenhagen, The Common Linnets would surely have taken victory.

The BossHoss – “Jolene”

12 Jolene

It’s nice to have a bit of Dolly Parton at Eurovision isn’t it, no? OK, I don’t see the relevance neither, but it’s good none the less.

#MagicMic Award

#MagicMic - Sascha Frasz Graphic Design

The #MagicMic award is easy for me this week. Never has a ballad left me blown away before, let alone deliver a strong message to all the German and International viewers. Well done Laura Pinski! You’ll have a hit around Europe for definite.


In third place with 21.9% of votes was Avantasia, while second place went to Alex Diehl with 33.9% of votes.

13a victory

Congratulations goes to Jamie-Lee Kriewitz who will represent Germany after taking home 44.5% of the votes.

Author: Richard Taylor

Source: Eurovision Ireland

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