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Happy Valentines Day – The Good and the Bad Songs from Eurovision

Bleeding Heart

The Good, The Bad and the Crazy – Happy Valentines Day Eurovision

Happy Valentines Day Europe. Some people love today and others avoid it like the plague. So for some of the writers here at Eurovision Ireland it’s a DOUZE points day while for others it’s a big fat ZERO!


‘All Out Of Luck’ is my soundtrack of my love life when it comes to Valentine’s Day! Cupid shot his arrow, missed my heart, cut a vital artery and then came out the other side and played his harp strings on the person standing behind me. So like Selma, I have been oh so close in winning the big prize but at the last hurdle it all comes crashing down and somebody else was singing ‘Take Me To Your Heaven’ to the ‘One that I love’ 


I’m choosing Katrina & The Wave – Love Shine a Light. This song remains in my top five list of Eurovision winners and I still sing it (very loudly) in my car when it rolls around on my playlist. This song is also very special to me as it was the first song I ever performed by myself on stage way back in 1997 at our school concert.

I am single (still – I hear many people cry!) so Valentine’s Day is always a bit of a non-event in my life, but never the less I do have a lot of love for the world. Basically I am in love with people, and I know it’s kind of childlike and naive but I want the world to be a better place for the next generation and this song is so full of hope and joy I think it makes the perfect Valentine’s song. Oh goodness that was very ‘dreamy’ wasn’t it – now go and kiss someone and eat chocolate!!



The Wages of Love – Muriel Day. Anyone who knows me knows that I never do anything by halves. So not for me the gentle withering testament to everso twee romantic love, oh now. Instead, I send my Valentine this big vulgar belter from the past. Sing it from the rooftops: There will be bridges to be crossed…


For my Valentine’s Day song, I have chosen Kurt Calleja and Malta’s 2012 song “This Is The Night”. Of course, Valentine’s Day is about spending a wonderful day with the person you love, but also a wonderful night together.


I’m choosing “Miracle” by Paula and Ovi from Romania 2014 as my Valentine’s Day song. I fell in love with this song the moment I heard it, and was also madly in love (with a Romanian!) when I first heard it. So for all you hopefuls in love out there, “… if you only knew all the things I could tell you…” Happy Valentine’s Day!


Birmingham 1998 was the first time I ever went to a live Eurovision Song Contest and it was memorable for the music, atmosphere and sheer spectacle. Chiara sang a beautiful song which gave me my first ever Eurovision goosebumps moment.

But it was not that song that I have chosen but the Swedish ditty from Jill Johnson. Karleken Ar was stunning and in Swedish and I fell in love with her, the song and all things Swedish thereafter.



The feast day of St Valentine is a massive racket if you ask me, and costs a bomb. So what better than to celebrate it than with a song that mentions bombs.



I would like “lost and forgotten” as my Valentine’s Day song choice please! It’s to honour my poor postman who is still lying at the bottom of my stairs from last Valentine’s Day, broken by the weight of his bulging sack !!!! No one ever came to find him.


Let’s be straight, I’m not the romantic sort so spare me the mushy, touchy-feely love songs please. My choice is for all the ladies who have ever been treated unfairly by love and have had enough.

Hanna Pakarinen’s ‘Leave Me Alone’ which was the Finnish entry for Eurovision 2007 says it all. Hard, angry and backed up with plenty of rock guitar and drums. It’s the perfect song to turn up to 11 when you’ve been hurt. Romance? Ha!


So as you can see some of us are miserable on the love-fest day that is Valentine’s Day.

What is your Eurovision Valentine Song?


Source : Eurovision Ireland

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