Eurovision Bettings Odds as of February 19th – Any Surprises?

Betting Odds Feb 19th

Show me the money!

As more acts have been selected for Eurovision 2016 the betting odds are taking shape. There have been a few surprises that we have noticed.

The Top 15 sees no change as Russia’s Sergey Lazerev being the favourite to win with Sweden in second. However what is very interesting is that Poland has come like a lightening bolt into 3rd place following the announcement of their national finalists and songs. People seem to be excited at the prospect of Edyta Gorniak and Margaret potentially going to Stockholm.

Betting as of Fed 19th

Germany are in 4th place with their upcoming National Final and Australia in 5th with the speculation that Delta Goodrem being their artist for Stockholm.

So who is at the bottom of the betting odds? The bottom 5 look like this.

Botton 5 - Feb 19th

It is also worth looking at the most popular bets being placed.

So Russia is both the most money and the most number of bets being placed on them. Interesting to see that Spain’s Barei is not in the Top 15 in the overall betting odds yet they are the second most often placed bets – obviously lots of bets but of small value are being placed on Spain.

Most Popular Votes - Feb 19th


Overall Poland is making the big strides in the International betting.

Anything surprise you so far?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Oddschecker 

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