Eurovision 2016

NETHERLANDS : 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Douwe Bob before Eurovision

Douwe Bob and Anouk

Folk/Country musician Douwe Bob is the Netherlands chosen representative for Eurovision 2016 in Stockholm. What song he is singing is as yet unknown as it’s being kept under wraps until 4th March. We’re counting the days here waiting to find out! In the meantime, if you haven’t heard of Douwe Bob or are unfamiliar with his work, here are 10 top facts to help you get acquainted.

1. He’s a child prodigy: Douwe, son of musician Simon Posthuma (From the band The Fool) began playing the piano at the tender age of six. He then progressed to guitar when he was but 14. Talk about an early bloomer!

2. He’s a Sagittarian: If you’re into astrology, you’ll be interested to know that Douwe was born on the 12th December 1992, making his star sign Sagittarius. This means he shares his birthday with crooner Frank Sinatra, actress Jennifer Connolly, actor Bill Nighy and Irish folk star Daniel O’Donnell. You’re in illustrious company, Douwe.

3. First single: Douwe’s first single was Multi-coloured Angels, released in 2012 and was included on his first album, Born In A Storm. The single peaked at number 17 in the Dutch charts. An impressive start for our young man.

4. Number one album: Douwe’s second album Pass It On, released in May 2015, made it all the way to number 1 in the Dutch charts and established Douwe as a star performer and musician.

5. He’s a tattoo fan: Douwe has several beautiful pieces of artwork inked on his body. Some are visible, others not so visible. If you’re lucky enough to get ‘up close and personal’, he might show you them all! (If you ask nicely.)


Douwe Tats

6. He likes relaxing baths: Especially with few birds for company. No, really, check out this photo from his Facebook page! See above!

7. He’s duetted with a Eurovision star: Last January 2015, Douwe released a song called Hold Me, a duet with 2013 Dutch Eurovision representative Anouk. Her song, Birds, placed 9th. Douwe has stated that in 2016 he’s going for gold. If he wins, it will be the first Dutch win since 1975.


8. He’s got a bar in his attic: No kidding! It’s called The Fool Bar and Douwe likes to hang out there, play music and entertain friends. Can we come round for a beer?

9. One of Douwe’s inspirations is Johnny Cash: As a country singer, it’s not surprising that Douwe has been heavily influenced by the music of the original ‘Man in Black’. Always a pleasure to meet a fellow Johnny Cash fan, Douwe!

10. He’s big on social media: Douwe is active on Twitter (@Douwe_Bob), Instagram (@Douwebob) and Facebook, often posting some very crazy photos. Follow Douwe on the platform of your choice. Or, if you’re the creepy stalker sort…all of them!


Author/Jennifer Roche

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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  1. No 1 is wrong information. His father was not from the band the Fool. His father was from a designergroup called ‘ Fool’. E.g. he designed a cover of the famous band The Beatles’ including their clothes. He was also a musician. But The Fool refers to the designergroup.

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