GERMANY: Judge & Jury – We Review the 10 contenders for Eurovision 2016

Germany Review

Thursday 25th of February is the night Germany will choose their song for Eurovision 2016. There are 10 songs in the running, with a wide variety of musical styles from alternative rock to Gregorian chant. (Yes, really!) The question is, who will be chosen to represent Germany in Stockholm this year? We listened to all the songs and rated who we think will win.

Alex Diehl – Nur Un Lied (Just a word)

It wouldn’t be the first time a simple guitar-based song won the Eurovision for Germany. Back in 1982, Nicole won the hearts of Europe with the Ralph Spiegel-penned song ‘A Little Peace’. This song, written in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks on Paris in November of last year could strike a chord with its message of peace and unity. I don’t mind mentioning that this song brought a tear to my eye. Just one word: Beautiful.

Avantasia – Mystery of a Blood Red Rose

This is a rock anthem reminiscent of Meatloaf’s Jim Steinman-penned works. In fact, the lead singer sounds quite like Meatloaf but doesn’t quite have the same amount of power in his pipes. That aside, it’s a song with a singalong chorus, masterful guitar lines and driving rhythms that carry the lyrics along at a fair old gallop. Do we like this? Oh yes indeed!


Ella Endlich – Adrenalin

Pulsing electro-beats drive this song at a steady pace and Ella’s melodic vocals make it all a pleasant experience. However, I don’t think ‘Adrenalin’ will give the voting public quite enough of a rush to vote it through to Stockholm. Euphoria? Far from it.

Gregorian – Masters of Chant

“We’re the masters of chant” sing Gregorian. That’s all very well but the last time anybody made a hit with Gregorian chant was back in 1990 with Enigma’s ‘Sadness Part 1’ and even then, that was a surprise hit. While this may go down a storm in your local monastery, I can’t see it getting anywhere on the scoreboard for Stockholm. Sorry guys, ‘nil point’ on this one.


Jamie-Lee Kriewitz – Ghost

Now this has Eurovision potential! Looking a little like Bjork but with a voice all of her own, this synth-based number has that uplifting singalong chorus so beloved of Eurovision juries everywhere. Could the ghosts of German victories past help Jamie-Lee make it to Stockholm? Tune in next Saturday and find out.

Joco – Full Moon

I quite like the harmonies and tempo in this song. Unable to find anything longer than a teaser on YouTube, I found a live version that shows these ladies sound just as good live and are competent musicians to boot. This could be a left-fielder that makes it through to ESC 2016, unless their Full Moon is eclipsed. Good luck, Joco!


Keoma – Protected

‘Protected’ is a classy song that slinks along at a slow, sexy pace. With a sultry vocal from Keoma, it’s the aural equivalent of wrapping a silk robe around your bare skin. Delightfully decadent but feels good. Will ‘Protected’ slink all the way to Stockholm? This subtle number might do just that.

Laura Pinski – Under the Sun We Are One

Composed by Ralph Siegel, the same man who wrote Nicole’s Eurovision-winning ‘A Little Peace’ back in 1982, this song is still under wraps and won’t be unveiled until Feb 19th. Even we, here at Eurovision Ireland, were unable to get a sneak peek, it’s THAT secret! Could this be the secret weapon that bags another win for Germany? The suspense is killing me!

In the meantime, here’s a previous track from Laura


Luxuslarm – Solange Liebe in mir wohnt (As long as love lives within me)

German pop-rock band Luxuslarm make their bid for Stockholm with their song ‘As Long As Love Lives Within Me’. It’s a nice enough pop-song but there’s nothing in it that makes it stand out. However, that’s just my opinion and the German voters may feel otherwise. After all, this is the country that made David Hasselhoff their favourite pop star not so long ago! 😉


Woods Of Birnam – Lift Me Up (From the underground)

Pardon the pun but this is indeed, an uplifting song. I wasn’t sure to start with but after a couple of plays, Lift Me Up grew on me. It’s warm like sunshine, exuberant and dancey with an underlying groove that’s hard to resist. A feel-good song that could be a contender.



My Ratings

This is a tough call. There’s some very good songs, some that just don’t have what it takes and one unknown song which could blow the competition out of the water. How DO you call something like that?  Ok, Laura Pinski aside, here’s how I think the scoreboard will look from 1 to 9:

  1. Alex Diehl – Nur Un Lied (Just a word)
  2. Jamie-Lee Kriewitz – Ghost
  3. Woods Of Birnam – Lift Me Up (From the underground)
  4. Keoma – Protected
  5. Avantasia – Mystery of a Blood Red Rose
  6. Joco – Full Moon
  7. Luxuslarm – Solange Liebe in mir wohnt (As long as love lives within me)
  8. Ella Endlich – Adrenalin
  9. Gregorian- Masters of Chant


So do you agree with me? How would you rank the songs? Who would be your song for Germany?

Comment Below.






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