Eurovision 2016

POLAND : Listen to Edyta Górniak song for Eurovision 2016 Selection – ‘Grateful’

Edyta Górniak at Eurovision in 1994. Photo : RTE

Edyta Górniak at Eurovision in 1994. Photo : RTE

Sultry and Stunning – Edyta Górniak sounds amazing!

We read the news earlier this week that Poland’s début artist at Eurovision back in 1994 – Edyta Górniak – had submitted the song ‘Grateful’ to the Polish National selection for Eurovision 2016.

Tonight at a concert in Kraków she performed the song live. Take a listen to it here.


Haunting and enigmatic, this is a song full of class and style that you would expect from a singer like Górniak. A big ballad with a slight drum and bass undertone, it is modern, contemporary and with so much atmosphere you could cut it with a knife.

You can see from the concert audience they were silent for the 3 minutes as they looked on. Is this the year of a returning singer for Poland at Eurovision?

Well with ‘Grateful’ from Edyta Górniak it could be just that!

One word to describe Edyta – ‘Timeless’


What do you think of ‘Grateful’? Could this take Poland to the Grand Final at Eurovision? Could it go Top 10? Could it win for Poland?


Comment Below!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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  1. OMG this song is amazing!!!! I hope she won with another strong polish candidate which is Margaret and her song strongly similiar to Rihanna style…Gorniak is diva! Go girl

  2. Yes yes yes! This could win for Poland. We already know she can and will pull this off amazingly live. There’s such a great build to this, it’s modern, dramatic, cinematic and yet somehow understated at the same time! If they choose her in Poland, this will go big in Sweden! Finally a potential winner

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