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SWITZERLAND : Judge & Jury – We review the Swiss Finalists for Eurovision 2016

Swiss Finalists

Cuckoo Cuckoo – Time for some Swiss Chocolate, Cheese and Eurovision

The Swiss national final of ESC 2016 – Die Entscheidungsshow will take place on Saturday 13 February 2016 at the Bodensee Arena in Kreuzlingen. We will have a live rolling blog on the night from Elaine Dove so be sure to tune in for that. In the meantime, here are the six finalists competing to represent Switzerland and how we rated them.

Kaceo – Disque D’or

Swiss hipsters Kaceo are trying for Eurovision gold with their song ‘Disque D’or’ (Gold record). Personally, accordions don’t do it for me but the jury and voting public might love it. Let’s wait and see.

Bella C – Another World

Bella’s sultry tones mingle with simple piano melodies and sweeping strings to bring to life a heartfelt song reminiscent of a Bond movie theme. I literally felt myself lifted to ‘Another World’ while listening to this. Definitely one to watch, in my opinion.

Theo – Because of You

While ‘Because of You’ is a sweet love song with tuneful harmonies, it feels like the weakest of the six songs and lacks the gravitas needed to make the grade to represent Switzerland.

Stanley Miller – Feel The Love

This song puts me in mind of soul greats like Luther Vandross and Barry White when I listen to it. Stanley’s smooth tones and his backing singers soaring harmonies overlay a pumping disco beat that makes you want to dance. Will the jury and voting public feel the love for this song? Time will tell.

Rykka – Last of Our Kind

This woman can sing! Not only that, Rykka owns the stage when she’s on it and comes across as a natural performer. ‘Last of Our Kind’ is a powerful song that could carry her all the way to Stockholm.

Vincent Gross – Half A Smile

This lad could win over the hearts of the voting public with his boy-band good looks alone, but he’s got the voice and the song too. Vincent Gross is ‘the whole package’ and I would be very surprised not to see him go forward to represent Switzerland.

How did they score?


Our rating for the Swiss finalists are as follows. Do you think differently? Leave a comment with your selections.

1st: Bella C – Another world – 12 points

2nd: Vincent Gross – Half A Smile – 10 points

3rd: Rykka – Last of Our Kind – 8 points

4th: Stanley Miller – Feel The Love – 6 points

5th: Kaceo – Disque D’Or – 4 points

6th: Theo – Because of You – 2 points


Now I’m sure you will disagree with me on who is the best of the Swiss Six so rather than seethe with anger behind your laptop or mobile phone – LET ME KNOW! Have your say. Don’t be shy! Go on…Post a comment…Get it off your chest!!

Comment Below.

I promise not to bite unless you ask me too!


Author : Jennifer Roche

Source : Eurovision Ireland

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