Eurovision 2015

SWITZERLAND : Watch The 6 Finalists For Eurovision 2016 Selection

Swiss Top 6 2016

Switzerland yesterday held a marathon ‘Expert Check’ session where the 19 remaining acts competed for the 6 places in the Swiss National Final aka ‘Die Entscheidungsshow’. At times I said ‘Why?’ but I persevered.

The 6 finalists

Rykka – ‘The Last of our Kind‘ (SRF) Swiss-German
Vincent Gross – ‘Half a Smile‘ (SRF) Swiss-German
Stanley Miller – ‘Feel the Love‘ (SRF) Swiss-German
Stéphanie Palazzo – ‘Perché mi guardi così?’ (RTS) Swiss-French
Bella C – ‘Another World‘ (RTS) Swiss-French
Theo – ‘Because of You‘ (RSI) Swiss-Italian


So after the thousands of videos that were posted on-line these are the Top 6 that have been selected. Worth noting that Stanley Miller is from Madrid,Spain and has managed to make it through to the Swiss Final that takes place on February 13th.

Is there a Eurovision Winner there? Who is your favorite?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : SRF

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