Eurovision 2015

FINLAND : Listen To The 18 Songs In The UMK Selection For Eurovision 2016


FINLAND – They teased us with clips of the songs recently but now they YLE have released the full songs that will battle it out for the right to represent Finland – across the water – in Stockholm.

You can listen to the 18 songs on the official website CLICK HERE

The 18 Performers Are – Click To Hear Their Song

Saara Aalto

Mikko Herranen

Stella Christine



Main Äijät

Attention 2

Cristal Snow

Annica Milán & Kimmo Blom

Rafaela Truda


Mikael Island


Wind Okkonen

Gušani Brothers


The spectacle in St. Petersburg



There you have your 18 songs. Krista Siegfrids and Roope Salminen will be your hosts for the shows that will take place every Saturday in February at 20:00 CET.

So who is your favourite?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source ; YLE


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  1. Pietari does not here refer to St Petersburg. Pietari is the first name of the vocalist. The spectacle of Pietari perhaps ?

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