Eurovision 2015

GERMANY : 10 Acts Confirmed For Eurovision 2016 Selection – Listen To Some Of The Songs

Avantasia - Mystery Of A Blood Red Rose

GERMANY : Having selected an artist that was then un-selected and then having 10 acts leaked by media – Germany can announce the 10 acts that will compete in the German National Final for 2016.

  • Avantasia – Mystery Of A Blood Red Rose
  • Alex Diehl – Nur ein Lied
  • Ella Endlich – Adrenalin


  • Gregorian – Masters Of Chant
  • Jamie-Lee Kriewitz – Ghost
  • Joco – Full Moon
  • Keøma – Protected
  • Laura Pinski – Under The Sun We Are One
  • Luxuslärm – Solange Liebe in mir wohnt
  • Woods of Birnam – Lift Me Up (From The Underground)

Unser Lied für Stockholm will be broadcast live on February 25th at 20:15 CET,


So can Germany get it right this year at Eurovision?

Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

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  1. Hi, I am from germany.. my oppinion:
    – Avantasia is well known from Wacken (Big Metal Festival) and its a nice song. If the perfomance on thestage is catchy, it might be our entry! Imagine if the recap of all songs is shown in the final and you only hear 15 seconds of the song, it would be the best choice!
    – Jamie-Lee Krawitz has a huge stage presence but the songs is weak in the refrain. As she won The Voice Of Germany she is still in the minds of the voters.
    – Luxuslärm has a fanbase in germany so there are many potential voters.
    – Alex Diehl sings in german about the atacks in paris a few weeks ago and its a song with a message. Big Chances! (unfortunately)
    – Ella Endlich is a Schlager singer. Most of the voters are old and Schlager is the only thing for them so …
    – Gregorian sold over 10 Million Copys of her songs worldwide .. but its nothing for the esc (I hope!)
    – Laura Pinski has a song written by Ralph Siegel … instant fail
    – And the other bands/Singer are not so much known and popular in germany…

    I hope Avantasia will win!

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