Jury Voting Dress Rehearsal Live Rolling Blog 21:00 CET – See who nailed the performance!

Live Rolling Blog - Eurovision Jury Voting Dress Rehearsal

Live Rolling Blog – Eurovision Jury Voting Dress Rehearsal

Jury Voting Dress Rehearsal Live Rolling Blog 21:00 CET – See who nailed the performance!

This is your LIVE ROLLING BLOG of the all important Jury Final Voting Dress Rehearsal.

Tonight the Juries will cast their votes that will determine 50% of tomorrow’s overall country votes.

You know the drill now! Just refresh the article to get our live comments from the performances and give you my opinion (me being Garrett and a few people coming from the press centre)

So sit back – get a beer, a glass of wine or if like me a cup of tea – and #JoinUs for our comments – this is going to be interesting. HERE WE GO!

#OMG – Conchita singing the opening song AND FLYING through the air!

I think I have just wet my seat but it is SO WORTH IT!

Now a Dina Garipova (Russia 2013) video montage of peace and #BuildingBridges





Cracking start to the show. Vocals great and full of energy. The crowd loved it. Top 10 one thinks!


Lisa Angell for France at Eurovision 2015. Photo :

Lisa Angell for France at Eurovision 2015. Photo :

What a shame that France got the dreaded #2 slot. Professional and stunning – not going anywhere in the voting.




The audience just made this song go interstellar! Fun, sexy and who doesn’t love to be dripping in Gold. If Juries do their job and select a song that could be a hit then this will be knocking on the Top 5 door




Cool classy and a contender! Nothing more to say!


Electro Velvet for the UK at Eurovision 2015. Photo : YouTube

Electro Velvet for the UK at Eurovision 2015. Photo : YouTube

Well Electro Velvet have put in their BEST performance of the week at the right time! The reaction in the hall was immense! The volunteers in the press hall were all doing the Charleston dance. Look not a winner but the UK put in a sterling performance.




Oh we had problems. Inga pulled out of some of her notes. Genealogy looked positively scared. The UK before them rained on Armenia’s party. Hight teens one thinks




OMG – I want to me Monika and get a smacker from Vaidas. Electric in the hall and that kiss has us all swooning. My dark horse.




The reaction of the night! Bojana clearly loving the whole experience and is fast becoming endearing to all. The audience exploded and this has to come shooting up the position.




I have never been a fan of this song so bear with me as I try and be constructive. Sung well but for me the clunky choreography screams of cancelled Westend and Broadway Musical. For me this brought down the party atmosphere after Serbia. Having said that this could be your ‘Accidental Winner’ – not scoring many 12’s but getting lots of 6’s and 7’s in a close contest.




Ehhhh – #PERFECT! The audience were all recording the performance on their mobile phones. Note and dance perfect. I do like Stockholm in May!




Uber cute and I think this will go down a treat with the juries tonight. He is like the young brother you all want to have. Keep a close eye on this. Hard to come after a huge song like Sweden but John pulled off with style!


Eurovision Ireland Meets Guy Sebastian at the London Eurovision Party. Photo : Eurovision Irerland

Eurovision Ireland Meets Guy Sebastian at the London Eurovision Party. Photo : Eurovision Irerland

#OMG – Guy brought the hose down! Well me and Emma Backfish danced our pants off to this in front of 2,000 journalists – video to follow! We were #AMAZING! Top 5!




Loic has just put him in contention for Belgium’s second win at Eurovision! Perfect song, perfect singer and perfect presentation. Worth a flutter! Massive crowd reaction. Bring in the Belgians!


Final Makemake


Time for the home crowd! The Makemakes had the crowd AND their piano on fire to the delight of the Viennese audience. They are just so cool and will NOT disgrace the Austria in the scoring. Probably 10-20. Don’t forget they are going on tour with One Republic next week after Eurovision so they are already winners!





A good ballad sung well but gets a little forgotten in a sea of blue and sequences and when you see what is next you will forget it altogether.




Montenegro’s answer to Robert Palmer and Knez is on cool customer. This went down a treat here in Vienna and will be Montenegro’s best ever result at Eurovision!


Ann Sophie - Black Smoke

Ann Sophie – Black Smoke

Baby Got Back #JustSaying! This has been flying under the radar and I think this will sit well with juries. Certainly not a contender but not a last place!




I told you all this would qualify and you would not listen to me! I am telling you this will get a few points tomorrow night. Beautiful backdrop and a classic ballad sung beautifully. It’s all well “Beautiful”




Aminata rocks the hell out of this funky song that is a triumph of modern contemporary music. When she hits those high notes in the chorus the crowd went wild and so did I in the press hall! This could edge a Top 10 place if the juries appreciate just how good this song is



For me this song gets lost now coming after Latvia. HOWEVER this is a song that I see juries loving. Performed very well but I would not expect anything less from an experienced band – dare I say it – too experienced!

21 – SPAIN

Edurne Official Video

Edurne Official Video

At the risk of being lynched by the Spanish media surrounding me that was a whole lot of nothingness from Spain. Edurne looks like she is auditioning for Harry Potter while she crouches down and pretends to cast a spell on us all. Accidental last place. It sounds like a rejected Loreen song from 2012 before she found ‘Euphoria’




If Dana was to return to Eurovision then I would expect she would sing something as boring as this. I have to admit that this song leaves me cold and I feel like it is a charity song! Not doing it for me!




I ADORE NINA!!!! This kicked some serious ass and Nina gave it some real attitude just like the song calls for. This has to give Georgia their best result at Eurovision or there is something wrong with Europe!




I LOVE Elnure. He has the voice of the contest and a stunning backdrop. The notes he hits are amazing! Just he doesn’t need the dancers! I still love it.




Polina was sensational though she looked notably nervous with the weight of expectation on her shoulders. She has nothing to worry about. This was #Stunning. Sochi is still on the cards!




A new dress and a new found confidence from Elhaida. She nailed it tonight and that false ending in the song had the audience clapping. You go girl!

27 – ITALY

Oops – The singer with the glasses was off key for one of his solo pieces. He ripped out his ear piece and you could see his colleagues giving him a glance. Look here is the deal for me – They can sing, they are a handsome trio but for me they sing alone and don’t react with each other on stage. I was left feeling disappointed after that performance and the press at my table were in agreement – not a winner but if like in Sanremo the public could come to Il Volo’s rescue tomorrow. They need it after that performance



I am gonna give you a round the table vox-pop of who people think were in the Top 5 performances



Russia, Australia, Sweden, Belgium and Israel


Belgium, Sweden, Russia, Italy and Australia


Russia, Sweden, Belgium, France and Israel


Italy, Sweden, Australia, Belgium and Russia


Belgium, Sweden, Australia, Norway and Italy


Russia, Italy, Belgium, Sweden and Australia


Russia, Italy, Norway, Latvia and Australia



Australia – 6 Votes

Sweden – 6 Votes

Russia – 6 Votes

Belgium – 6 – Votes

Italy – 5 Votes

Israel – 2 Votes

Norway – 2 Votes

Latvia – 1 Vote


Conchita brings us some stomping songs from her new album ‘Conchita’. We have the anthemic ‘You are Unstoppable’ and then the DANCETASTIC ‘Firestorm’ #AMAZING!! Get ready to hear this in the clubs and on the radios everywhere!!!

Now we have the winner of Junior Eurovision 2014 Vincenzo and he reprised his 2014 winning song to massive applause!

Now a look back at how the winners of Eurovision over the decades have celebrated their victory!

Now we are told there will be a surprise performance tomorrow that they didn’t show us.


Now we have a voting sequence and let me tell you one thing ‘MICROWAVE’ – After every points we get a BING! Or for the older viewer it is like the noise from Blankety Blank!

Nicky Byrne – of Westlife – tries to speak Irish and fails miserably! Stick to English Nicky

Just for the record – in the voting sequence Austria WON!

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  1. I think ll Volo nailed it. To me, it’s not about the background, it’s about the voices. I think the younger generation has lost site of this. There is not one of the other performers who has had the success of ll Volo from all over the world. Their video of Grande Amore, has had over 28 million views.

  2. IL VOLO Piero off key?? The guys glanced at Piero?? They don’t react well on stage?? Who is the idiot that saidx this? I have seen them time and time again and they always meld well and Piero NEVER, EVER sings off key! Oh dare you!!!!
    Three wholesome, well mannered, beautiful boys and you would rather pick a bearded freak! SHAME ON YOU!!!

  3. Just in fro the Jury Final and what a great show, I thoroughly enjoyed it and to top it all I bumped in to the truly delightful (and date I say rather fetching in his beard!) Andrew. Again, a fantastic job you guys and gals, I’m exhausted after only 5 days so goodness knows how you must be feeling. Enjoy the final tonight. Cheers 🙂

  4. ah I see a poor hater pretending to be someone… maybe tomorrow the results will put you in your place, but surely not on the journalist one…

  5. Don’t you worry… we Spanish people expected that kind of comment from you guys, and we are a lot more generous and behaved as you obviously are. Good bye… Nice to have found this web to never again come back. One last thing… By your comments on other countries, you obviously have no criteria whatsoever. You’ve already written more than 10 acts that YOU say will make it to the top…

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