Eurovision 2015 – Day 6 Full Rehearsal of Semi Final 2 – LIVE ROLLING BLOG And FULL Videos – START 10:20 CET – JUST REFRESH THE PAGE

Semi Final 2  of Eurovision 2015

Semi Final 2 of Eurovision 2015

Eurovision 2015 – Day 6 Full Rehearsal of Semi Final 2 – LIVE ROLLING BLOG And FULL Videos – START 10:20 CET – JUST REFRESH THE PAGE

It is DAY 6 In Eurovision Land and Eurovision Ireland will be here for you “when you’re down down low” and you want to know what’s going on in the old Wiener Stadthalle! We now move on to Semi Fina2 1 today Saturday May 16th and the 17 countries that compete in Semi Final 2 will ALL rehearse for the second time! Will any of them make changes from their first run throughs on Wednesday and Thursday? See HERE and HERE

You can follow our LIVE BLOG HERE and we will post the FULL videos of the performances – You know the drill by now. JUST REFRESH the page for our live updates. We start at 10:20 CET. You are in capable hands of the team for the day – Garrett, John, Elaine, Andrew and Phil (our good friend from OnEurope) – So if you want an honest opinion of how the rehearsals are going then tune in here.


What is the Running Order?

1 – Lithuania

We met #TeamLithuania in Amsterdam. This is what they had to say.

Phil : You might read a lot of me to day you lucky people!! – Today’s very long and exciting day starts with Lithuania.  Pretty much the same as on…. Wednesday yes that’s right and blue is the colour (football is our game) for this…  It is a very jolly and light opening song and they are both camera friendly.  They both light the stage and it’s very summery and poppy…… I have a sneaking feeling that it may not qualify though.


A nice bright start to Saturday and the best-looking couple f the contest breezed onto stage with smiles and some decent harmonies to boot. Vaidas has opted for a blue suit now and Monika is in the same dress. They scamper around the stage which could be seen as too much or keeping in with the uplifting nature of the song, depending on your perspective.

I can see this one just scraping through although it may well be close. It’s perhaps too nice in a field of (some would say) stronger songs.

2 – Ireland

Phil – Ahhh #lovelymolly.  This song is well written and well performed, naturally, sung from the heart and her whimsical way of singing this is, though, not really coming across on the screen.  She started to look at the camera towards the end of the run throughs, which made a total transformation of the song from a fighter to a contender for qualification.  8-12th would be about right and she would be unlucky not to make it.  It won’t be for the want of trying though.

Of course we met Molly Sterling before the Irish National Selection


Molly is in great form and her rehearsal has a confident air about it. Not arrogant, just confident. She’s started to look at the camera more, at the appropriate moments to emphasise particular lines of the song. The setting is very good and sets the song off well. It’s better than the songs either side of it, so it should hopefully make it through Thursday night.

3 – San Marino

John: I’m really sorry, but I’m beginning to think that Ralph Siegel has had his day. This song has not been written for Michele and Anita and may have been sitting around for a while waiting for the right occasion. I was at the Sammarinese party last night and Michele in particular has a very good voice. This song doesn’t demonstrate his range and might not do him any favours. This is not going to qualify.

Phil: I totally agree with John.  This is possibly one of the worst things I have ever heard at a Eurovision.  Siegel will not only ruin their careers but will drop them like a ton of bricks when they ultimately try their damnest to qualify with a dog of a song.  They know all the right moves in all the right order but even that won’t be enough to polish this.

4 -Montenegro

We met Knez in London and we know that he likes to party!

Elaine: Hello it’s me sitting where I am, which is here – in the press centre. I am not meant to be in but due to hotel check in issues I have managed in for a wee while and caught up with the Montenegrin rehearsal. It looks fabulous. This HAS to qualify – a quality ballad staged perfectly.

I may flit in and out of the blog today – due to moving and awaiting the arrival of Dr Eurovision – Paul Jordan

5 – Malta

We met Amber in Malta before she won MESC

Garrett: I have always liked Malta and this year is no exception. Amber was the clear winner in Malta this year and comes to Eurovision with a passionate and fierce song. I especially love the orchestral feeling to this song that makes it sound like it should be from a movie soundtrack. Moody lighting adds atmosphere to this performance and Amber gives the song depth and poise with her looks to camera and interaction with the graphics on the backdrop. If I was the Maltese Delegation I would try a run through with Amber using a micprophone stand. This would give Amber the option of using both her hands to add further expression to the performance and then for the bigger parts of the song she can take the mic into her hand and use the stand by pushing it away and showing her true ‘Warrior’. This shone in the Maltese National Selection and has the potential to get to the final again for Malta.

6 – Norway


This is looking and sounding great now. Stands out a mile from those who have gone before. Lovely camera angles and lovely fragile and brittle dark harmonies. A definite qualifier and potential top 10.


Norway is hauntingly beautiful – we still don’t know what Mørland did when he was younger but it adds to the mystery. This song will be up there at the top left hand side on Saturday but I don’t see it as the winner.

Phil : Top 10 for sure with this one, I don’t think I want to know what yer man did when he was younger, but it has to be something quite dark! – Would you trust Mørland in a dark alley? – More importantly,would you trust Debrah?!  It’s absolutely beautiful in a serial killer kind of way.  Too dark for Eurovision? – Nope.  Too *good* for Eurovision? – Maybe!!


In our Briefest of brief interludes – what does David Elder of the Scotsman think of some Eurovision shenanigans? – Well…..

And if that wasn’t enough…. How about 7 minutes of #lovelymolly ?

7 – Portugal


Dressed all in black again and giving us a shoulder shake and a key change. Leonora gives us a good vocal performance of a mid tempo pedantic ballad which is sadly is going to be going nowhere after Thursday next. A shame as we all want to see Portugal do well. Always next year I suppose.

Phil :

I just can’t get into this song to be honest,  I think it is dire and they should be on the way home next Thursday.  Leonora i am sure is a good singer…. probably of Fado but this song fades into the background and really does nothing.  As said above… maybe next year.

John; Yes, I’m back after a couple of hurried interviews and the like. They will appear around here somewhere if they haven’t already. Anyroad, Leonora is the missing Winkleman sister. Only with big Dynasty shoulder pads. And a song that, sadly, leaves me cold. She tries very hard but hardly anyone in Europe will vote for this. It’s just out of sync with the current mood. It will pick up a few votes but not enough to beat seven other countries.


8 – Czech Republic

Andrew: Very dramatic vocal performance from the Czechs. We have revolving mirrors in the backdrop and later on we have shoes thrown around the stage in angst.  It’s a great song well performed and could be in with a chance of making the final.

John: In my time I’ve seen clothes being ripped off, or hair being ripped off. But this is the first time I’ve seen someone discard their shoes. This is more dramatic and powerful stuff and a better than average type of this style. If there are any in this mode likely to qualify, I can see it being this. They are very good singers and work well together. My only bugbear is where they stand a foot apart and shout at each other. They don’t need to. A finalists? Well, it would be a first for our Czech friends. But it is the best song they’ve ever entered.

9 – Israel


Camptastic performance from  Israel  he is still wearing his winged golden boots. The backing dancers and singers at to the campness with their slick routine.  This may well get a spot in the final  but it could be in the mix for the last few places with others.


I still don’t believe that Nadav is only 16. He moves around the stage OK, but it’s as if he lives in a house with low ceilings. He needs to stop stooping and stand up straight. The choice of footwear sort of works although there’s a fine line between a confident choice and an arrogant. The vocals seemed a little off but that might not be due to Nadav and his chums. It’s catchy and may be catchy enough to get people phoning up.

10 – Latvia


Still looking and sounding pretty decent in this set of run throughs. Aminata is a great singer and very emotive in her delivery.  Again as I said before nothing else like it in this contest may well help it to stand out and get through.

11 – Azerbaijan

We never laughed so much when we met Elnur in Amsterdam!

Elaine: I still love this although there seems to be an overall feeling of being underwhelmed in the press centre. Maybe there is too much focus on the dancers but I like the wild animal aspect that they add. It is still a great entry for me although perhaps not the odds on top 5 that I thought it might be.

John: It’s official – Elmur thinks Conchita is unstoppable. It says so on his T-shirt. For me, this is still a good song, but I don’t think the dancers help. They’re unnecessary and get in the way. Now I’ve said that, this will mop up big votes from all over Europe. What am I saying? This is Azerbaijan, of course it will do well. And, at the time of writing, it’s currently leading the Press Centre vote on the second semi-final.


While we are on a little break, we can see a fine piece of Televisual treat-age.

12 – Iceland

John: There is always a song that leaves me cold. I just can’t explain why as many people here do like it. Maybe it’s the odd dress that María is wearing. She does look pretty, but that’s about it. Even Hera-Björk can’t save this. On the plus side, the setting is really nice, showing the Northern Lights in a crystal clear sky and lava floes – just what we associate with Iceland.


Nothing much changed here from rehearsal 1, Maria still wearing the fairy dress. She is singing the song well enough and the backdrop is nice showing Icelandic scenes and night scenes. I still think Iceland could sneak into the final with this.

Phil:There are no redeeming features for this song.  It’s badly staged ( i.e a 22 yr old in a 9 yr olds clothing) singing a song that is very repetitive and just seems to say “One step at a time” at me for an eternity it seems.  Hera can not save this for two reasons, firstly she’s not singing it…. and secondly she’s hidden in the background.  Maria looks totally alone and somewhat nervous on stage and it looks just wrong to be honest.

It’s lost most of its appeal, sadly.


13 – Sweden

Our girl Elaine met our Swedish Hero just the other day and offered to look after his ZIP!

Phil : Måns is definitely that and more so, the MF performance is, as with the first rehearsal, exactly the same here sans the character and he can definitely perform the backside off this song.

My trouble is, to me, It does not scream winner, rather quietly whisper it.  I totally understand why this is a fan favourite and a bookies favourite but, for me, the act being centered on background rather than the song takes away from the fact that Måns is singing a very wordy song with a good beat from Avicii.  It’s easily Top 5 and has a shot at the top one, but I don’t think it’s that cut and dried.

John: This does what it does. The show is pretty much identical to MF in March. There are some camera angles that concern me, in that they’re distance shots which show how tiny Måns is on stage. He des have backing singers who are out of shot somewhere. You know as well as I do that will get through to the final at a canter. Do I see it winning? I don’t (I don’t want it to) but it will give the eventual winner a run for its money.


Mans is doing this all effortlessly and apart from a few technical hitches delaying their rehearsal time this is still doing enough to sail into the final. Possible Semi Final winner? Yep still possible.



And before Switzerland – Let’s see a Woman’s perspective on things…

14 – Switzerland

Phil : This song passes me by. Melanie is singing a cracking little song but, like a fair few in this contest, it doesn’t hold the interest of me, and therefore by extension, the Televoters.  It does not motivate anyone to pick the phone up and vote and whilst the juries will mark it decently for being that cracking song, It’s not engaging enough.  Melanie doesn’t need to be so Fierce with this one in order for it to do well… she could tone it down and still have a decent chance but she is over egging the pudding… Calm down, Love.

15 – Cyprus

Hopefully we will get John’s surname correct this time!


The monochrome piece lasts about a minute now , much better  now and its all looking good for Cyprus. I really hope this comes across well in the Semi as it should qualify.

16 – Slovenia


Again no changes that are too obvious from the first rehearsal. This is still bouncing along quite nicely indeed. Still find the air violinist a bit of a weird addition to proceedings but its there so best to concentrate on the song. A good song sung well and could well go to the Final.

Phil : Oh man alive thats good…. It’s shed loads better than the first rehearsal as the two of them have worked out the camera shots and boy they dont half sell this!! – It’s definitely in with a chance of winning this Semi Final (which is better than Sweden… I know, right) and a potential Top 5 again.  A Million times better in the hall than on the HD screen…. I love her… 😉

John: There is nothing wrong with this at all. The issues seem to have been resolved and it looks a lot better on screen. It looks pretty good in the arena too. I didn’t quite get goose bumps, but it did tick a lot of the right boxes for a good result on Thursday night. If there’s any justice, Slovenia will be in the final on Saturday.


Before Poland finishes us off, we have Dimitri’s review

17 – Poland


Perfectly pleasant ballad to finish the contest and sung well enough too. It’s a safe bet for jury votes and in position 17 could get enough votes for a Final place.  But it is borderline I feel.

Phil :

Totally agree with Andrew.  It’s lovely enough and perfectly bland and pleasant but it gets all kinds of hell from Slovenia and totally gets forgotten after that.  It is still qualifying, but it is closer to the trap door!


This was a gentle way to end of the day with more trees. Monika’s voice seemed a little strained, or she may just be saving herself. The song still doesn’t grab me. The previous song is the high point and I can see people thinking that this might be the start of the interval act. I doubt that this will qualify.


So there you have it.

All of Semi Final 2 have now had their second rehearsal and you can see what we have seen for the last 5 days.

Who are your favourites in Semi Final 2 now? Who do you think will qualify for the Grand Final? Who do you think may miss out on making Saturday’s Final?


Let us know.


Author : Eurovision Ireland

Thanks to our friends at ESCKAZ for the videos today. Check them out

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  1. @John – About Israel – U are in Vienna, you have access to the singers. Why don’t you ask him to show you his ID?
    Sometime people look older than their age. I know, I had the same problem when I was 16(long time ago, though) and had to show my ID to convince everyone around.

  2. Every site I have read agrees that this is a lovely song and Molly immerses herself in it wholly and here seemingly lies the problem for while she is constantly looking down at the piano keys in her own world she has little or no connection with the camera and thus will lose the TV audience. This is in serious trouble if she does not wake up to this fact. She’s borderline qualifying within the press voting and I’d say this is the main reason why. I know she’s young but she wants this so it’s time to step up to the mark and deliver. C’mon Molly we’re all behind you.

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