Eurovision 2015 Betting Odds as of February 19th – What can they tell us?

Eurovision Betting Odds as of February 19th

Eurovision Betting Odds as of February 19th

Eurovision Betting Odds as of February 19th – What can they tell us?

With us mid way through the national selection season for Eurovision 2015 it is worth taking a look at who is getting the early betting odds from across Europe.

As of this morning – February 19th this is how the betting odds were looking according to Oddschecker

Eurovision 2015 betting Odds as of February 19th

Eurovision 2015 betting Odds as of February 19th


So what are the interesting things to look at?

1. You have to look down as far as 10th favourite before you have a confirmed singer and song for Eurovision 2015 being given a quote. That is Bojana from Serbia.

2. Italy have come storming into the first position with Il Volo being confirmed as their Eurovision Act for 2015 while their winning song from the Sanremo Festival ‘Grande Amore’ is still to be confirmed as their song for Vienna. Personally I think they would be foolish to change the song considering how popular it is.

3. Estonia has been in the Top 3 since people heard their songs for Eesti Laul with the big money being spent on Elina Born and Stig Rästa with their song ‘Goodbye to Yesterday’ being the hot favourite to win there. Their betting odds have remained constant for the past 6 weeks and sees them as second favourite to win.

4. Finland have drifted from 1st to now 6th favourite. It seems that the initial money that was pointed towards Satin Circus winning there is not as firm in people’s betting minds.

5. Since Norway released their songs this week, money has been placed on them to bring them up to 4th place. I would seriously question that as the reaction to the songs on-line has been mixed to say at best.

6. Sweden say a sharp rise in their odds following the results of Heat 2 in Melodifestivalen. That is interesting as after week 1 with well-known acts like Eric Saade performing their odds did not move at all. It seems that Mariette and Magnus last Saturday have convinced betting people that Sweden could have a good shot at Eurovision in Vienna.

7. It is no surprise that we see Armenia and Azerbaijan in the Top 10 as this has become an annual trend. Russia however would normally be there with them but for obvious political events people seem to be not willing to spend their money on them yet as they lie in 16th place.

8. Australia have come storming into the betting odds in 4th place following the news that they would be competing in Vienna this year. It remains to be seen if this will stay the same once their song and artists is released.

To see the full list of early betting odds CHECK HERE

Who do you think is in the running for the victory at Eurovision 2015? Are the betting odds right in your opinion?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett

Source : Oddschecker

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