Eurovision 2015

ITLAY : Il Volo confirm that they will perform ‘Grande Amore’ at Eurovision – Our thoughts

Il Volo will sing 'Amore Grande' at Eurovision 2015

Il Volo will sing ‘Amore Grande’ at Eurovision 2015

ITLAY : Il Volo confirm that they will perform ‘Grande Amore’ at Eurovision – Our Thoughts

“If it ain’t broken then don’t fix it”

Today it has been confirmed that Il Volo will indeed perform ‘Grande Amore’ at Eurovision 2015.

Is that a good idea?

Of course it is! Since they won the Sanremo Festival with the song they have stormed to the top of the betting odds at Bookmakers across Europe.

The official video for the song has already gotten close to 5 million views on YouTube already. To put that into context it would make the song one of the highest viewed Eurovision Official Videos in its first week of release ever.

What is also more important about the official video is that it shows the funnier side of the trio. There is the potential fear that PopEra might not score well at Eurovision as it has never done so before. However The Common Linnets proved that a good country song will score well at Eurovision. Il Volo’s video will resonate with the younger audience in the run up to Eurovision which will benefit them.

The ‘Grande Amore’ video will endear these three handsome young men to the young and more mature voters alike.

It is looking that it could be an early game over for Eurovision 2015 as unless other countries come up with a great song and concept our three Handsome Men from Il Volo could be winning Eurovision by a landslide.

All I can say is that I do not want to see Toto at Eurovision 2016!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : RAI


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  1. if anything, the official video has references to 3 very successful film. If you are a film fun, you will know the films.
    the films are:”Ghosts”, ‘Back to the Future” & “Spiderman”

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