Interview : We talk Music, Conchita Wurst, Politics & Celebrations with Edward Meison – Georgia Eurovision 2015

Edward Meison Interview. Photo : Edward Meison Facebook

Edward Meison Interview. Photo : Edward Meison Facebook

Eurovision Ireland hangs out with Edward Meison and speak to him in the run up to the Georgian National Selection for Eurovision 2015. We talk about his song ‘We are Free’, His musical interests, Conchita Wurst, Politics and how me might celebrate if he was to selected to represent Georgia at Eurovision 2015.

Edward, you are determined to make us dance at Eurovision 2015 with your song ‘We are Freee’. Can you tell us why you went for such an uptempo song?


Yes I want to make Europe dance. My song is modern and it is like songs that you can hear now – 128 bpm. This song has lyrics that we can all identify with ‘we are free’

Can you tell us about your song ‘We are Freee’? What is the song about and why is it ‘Freeee’?


The song is simply about freedom for all people. It is a song about Georgian freedom! I really want to share that with as many people as possible.

We noticed that you have posted a video on your social media where it appears to be an anti-war message. Could you tell us about this?


Yes that is true. There have been very many sad moments in our history like the wars in 2008, 1992 and 1989. These are all very tragic moments in history and ones that should not be forgotten.

Now we know that you must have looked at Eurovision 2014 and that you liked the winning Song from Conchita Wurst as you recorded a cover version of the song. Can you tell us what you liked about Conchita and her song ‘Rise Like A Phoenix’?


Conchita’s song is VERY good. The song is very challenging vocally and has really high notes. The arrangement and the melody of the song are wonderful. The second day when I listen to ‘Rise Like A Phoenix’ I knew I had to record the song too. I did it in 10 minutes. That is a recorded for me 🙂

Did it surprise you how well Conchita scored with Georgia at Eurovision 2014?


Yeah it did but I was really happy about that and think that it was a very good thing to see.

We love your song that you released with Michael Goldman Levan kay. Is this the style of music that you like to perform and listen to?

I have so many songs with Michael Goldman. If I win the National Final in Georgia for Eurovision 2015 Michael and I will go on a European tour. I think we have good musical program to support our song ‘We Are Free’

Who would be on your iTunes playlists and who are your musical inspirations?


I love modern songs. I am a huge fa of RnB, Pop, Rap, Hip Hop and Dance Music. So my iTunes is full of music from those genres. It reflects the music that I make.

What do you think of the songs in the Georgian National Final this year? Will it be a close result?


I really don’t  know who will win. Who knew that the Joker would win in 2012. I hope it will be a fair contest and that the best song wins 😉

What would going to Eurovision and representing your country mean to you?


WOW – It’s my dream. I would love to represent my country at Eurovision on an International stage. I would give 100% effort to try to win the contest for my beloved Georgia.

If you win the Georgian National Selection how will you celebrate – and tell the truth 😉


Well if I win the Georgian National final I’ll celebrate my birthday twice in this year 🙂 ahahahaha)))
It would just be the best feeling in the world! You cannot imagine how excited and grateful I would be if I was to win the Georgian National Final for Eurovision.
Well we thank Edvard taking the time out of his rehearsal schedule to speak to us here at Eurovision Ireland.  Best of Luck Edvard!
Remember you can can still vote for Edvard in our on-line poll for Your Favourite Song in the Georgian National Final HERE. For all our Georgian readers remember you can still vote in Georgia for who you want to represent you at Eurovision 2014. So what are you waiting for!
Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall
Source : Eurovision Ireland



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