Eurovision 2014

Watch : 1 of these 45 singers will represent Israel at Eurovision 2015 – But Who?

Israel Eurovision 2015 selection. Photo : YouTube

Israel Eurovision 2015 selection. Photo : YouTube

Israel have embarked on a massive search for their Eurovision 2015 representative. After an initial thought of having an internal selection, they are now using the show ‘The Next Star’ to find their act for Vienna.

The first stage of the auditions are now complete and there are 45 acts remaining.

45 Acts in contention for the Israeli entry at Eurovision 2015


Abraham Ratiga

Adir Edri

Alanya Landau

Albert Gregoryan

Almog Nashawi

Amichai Yosef Ben Avraham

Asher Amar

Asif Zilberman

Avia Shoshani

Aviv Levy

David Maman

Eva Al Knarsh

Evyatar Adir

Evyatar Ofri

Gal Hayk

Ground Heights


Iki Levy & The Rasta Hebrew Men

Jonathan Blank

Kalanit Maron

Liroz Blas

Matan Agami

Mor Boni

Nadav Gadag

Nava & Tehila Walker

Nir Klingel

Noam Farag

No Name Quartet

Noy Gover

Omer Carmeli

Omer Reuven

Orit Binsay

Random Dogs

Raz Shani

Rotem Shimlovich & Ariel Goldstein

Sarai Nachmias

Sa’ar ”Rusty” Davidov

Shai Sol

Sheina Reinberg

Shelly Farjon

Yagel Yahud

Yakir Chen

Yifi & Osher Aricha

Yochi Edwards

Zadok Garame


Next stage of the contest will be 3 shows of 15 contestants where they will have to perform. The 4 judges will vote to keep them or send them home. To pass you must get at least 3 ‘Yes’ from the judges. 5 singers will progress from each of the 3 shows. If there are more than 5 acts that have received 3 votes then the judges will have to select just 5 to progress.

We have pulled together some videos from the final 45 singers.


What do you think? Is there a Eurovision Winner there? Can Israel reverse there run of bad luck at the contest this year?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

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