Austria : Video of Conchita Wurst with the DR Orchestra/Big Band on ‘The Year That Was DR1’

Conchita Wurst and the DR Big Bandet. Photo : Melodi Grand Prix YouTube

Conchita Wurst and the DR Big Bandet. Photo : Melodi Grand Prix YouTube

Austria – Video of Eurovision Winner Conchita Wurst taking to the stage for a new arrangement of her winning song ‘Rise Like A Phoenix’. 

Conchita has returned to Copenhagen where she won the Eurovision Contest this year, to be part of the Danish TV review show of 2014 called ‘The Year that Was DR1’.

She performs with the DR Orchestra or ‘Big Bandet’ as they say in Denmark.

Speaking of her victory at Eurovision Conchita said

“I won Eurovision, and since then, my life has changed completely. I have enormously fond memories of this city”

she says to Kåre Quist and Louise Wolff in the TV show.

I think that Conchita’s Eurovision story will make the top lists of many countries review of 2014.

What do you think of the new rearranged version of ‘Rise Like A Phoenix’?

Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : DR

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  1. Conchita is simply magnificent, she can perform Rise Like a Phoenix with a full orchestra or a guy playing the spoons and still blow your sox off, nothing fazes her she is so comfortable in any situation, the essence of a true star performer!! Nothing will stop her getting what she wants or reaching the goals she sets herself! ❤ xx

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