Top 10 List of possible meanings of Jon Ola Sand’s ’39’ Eurovision Tweet!

Top 10 List of meanings to Jon Ola Sand's '39' Tweet. Photo : Wikipedia

Top 10 List of meanings to Jon Ola Sand’s ’39’ Tweet. Photo : Wikipedia

Ever since Jan Ola Sand took a ‘Selfie’ at Eurovision in Copenhagen he has embraced social media like a Maltese Nun embracing an all important Eurovision key change! Love it!

So when Jon Ola tweeted last night the number ’39’ he started a wild-fire of speculation. Loving your work Jon Ola!

Was he referring to the number of countries confirmed for Eurovision 2015 or was he talking about something else? Well we have compiled our ‘Jon Ola Sand’s Top 10 meanings of his 39’.


TOP 10


10 – The number of times Valentina Monetta told Jon Ola she is willing to enter Eurovision until she wins the contest for San Marino

09 – The number of people Christer Bjorkman told Jon Ola Sweden want on stage at Eurovision 2015

08 – Jon Ola thought he was ordering from his favourite take away. A number 39 is a spicy Norwegian Salmon Curry

07 – 39 cent – Jon Ola takes up some SNL Charity Work! 



06 – 39 times that Australia have asked to sing again at Eurovision! They “should be so lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky”

05 – 39 more characters left in this tweet – what do I say. Ahhhh! Panic Post!

04 – Who took my ‘That’s What I Call Eurovision -39’ CD?

03 – 39 wind machines for Vienna – Carola’s coming back with a bigger ‘Love Storm’!

02 – 39 Times Jon Ola asked his team “Why didn’t we think of the JESC On-line Trophy” global vote

01 –  How many people run my twitter feed? 


We digress. If it is 39 confirmed countries for Eurovision 2014 then Bravo Eurovision Team!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland




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