Eurovision 2014

Lithuania do it again and a Marathon 11 show Eurovision 2015 Selection process

Lithuania Eurovision 2015. Photo : LRT

Lithuania Eurovision 2015. Photo : LRT

They’ve gone and done it again! Lithuania have announced that they will have 11 shows in their selection process for Eurovision 2015. I have Euro-Sweats already. Sponge me down now!

It will be the same process as in 2014 where there is one contest to select the singer, another one for the song and then one to match singer and song together.

It was a huge ratings success for LRT (Lithuanian National Broadcaster) this year and they hope for another bumper 2015 season.


Eurovizijos 2015 Schedule of Shows


  • January 3rd –  Show 1 – Presentation show
  • January 10th –  Show 2
  • January 10th –  Show 3
  • January 10th –  Show 4
  • January 24th –  Show 5
  • January 31st –  Show 6
  • February 7th –  Show 7
  • February 14th –  Show 8 – Selection of the Song for Eurovision 2015
  • February 21st –  Show 9 – Selection of the Act for Eurovision 2015
  • February 28th – Show 10 – Best of Eurovizijos 2015 Special Show
  • March 3rd –  Show 11 – Eurovizijos winner and Special Guests Concert


This year only Lithuanian citizens can enter the contest. LRT have opened a poll asking people their thoughts  on this ruling

1 – Yes – This should only be for Lithuanian Citizens – 65%

2 – It should not matter where someone is from as long as they want to represent Lithuania at Eurovision – 16%

3 – Not interested in Eurovision – 19%


Vilija Matačiūnaitė won the 2014 Lithuanian national final and took her self composed song ‘Attention’ to Copenhagen. I have to admit that I plagued my colleagues in our apartment by playing ‘Attention’ and more importantly singing it rather a lot! I even tried my hand with the song at karaoke at Euroclub – Sorry Europe and Vilija.

We would like to see Vaidas Baumila make a return to the Lithuanian national selection for many reasons!

In this year’s national election we had disqualifications due to ‘voting irregularities’ – will it be smooth running in 2015? Who would you like to see represent Lithuania at Eurovision 2015?


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : LRT

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