Eurovision 2014

Norway : Tooji is more ‘V For Vendetta’ than Gansta’ in ‘Cocktail’.

Tooji 'Cocktail'. Photo : Tooji Facebook

Tooji ‘Cocktail’. Photo : Tooji Facebook

Tooji asked you to ‘Stay’ at Eurovision 2012 and Europe didn’t feel compelled to do so. He has released subsequent songs since Eurovision that have left us not really knowing what style of music the Norwegian singer is going for. What is clear is that he likes to grow and cut his hair a lot. This all leads us to sip on his new song that is a ‘Cocktail’ of, well I am not sure what!

Tooji has posted a preview of his upcoming song ‘Cocktail’ on his social media – Listen HERE

It is a hip-hop song from the flamboyant singer and I am not really feeling the ‘Gangsta street cred’ from this song again. This follows on from his own-goal badly chosen video of ‘Packin’ Gun’ where he used children in an adult themed video.

Tooji - 'V for Vendetta'. Photo : Tooji Facebook

Tooji – ‘V for Vendetta’. Photo : Tooji Facebook

The full video of ‘Cocktail’ will be released shortly though from the stills of the video shoot this appears to be yet another attention seeking video that tries to mask the lack of a song.

Tooji may want to be seen as a Gangsta singer but from the above photo we are thinking more ‘The Amish meets V For Vendetta’.

We are more than happy to eat Tooji’s hat if the full video and song surpass out thoughts on the preview that the singer posted – “that hat is safe one thinks”.


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : Eurovision Ireland


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