Eurovision 2015 Slogan Revealed – ‘Building Bridges’ but Vienna has 1,716 of them already!

'Building Bridges' for Eurovision 2015. Photo :

‘Building Bridges’ for Eurovision 2015. Photo :

What is the slogan for Eurovision 2015? Well since DR (Danish National Broadcaster) ‘borrowed’ the Diamond Logo a year early – what would ORF (Austrian National Broadcaster) and the EBU have as their theme for 2015?


‘Building Bridges’ is what has been put forward for Eurovision 2015.

Now did you know that there are a staggering 1,716 bridges in Vienna. That is actually 4 times the number of bridges that there are in Venice and trust me I have sailed down those many times while enjoying a cornetto or two! The reason for so many bridges in Vienna is because in ancient times they gave praise to the river gods that embody the Danube, Inn, Wien, Elbe and Moldau rivers that flow through the city. For all you bridge enthusiasts out there we can get you excited with the fact that there are ten bridges over the Danube River, 32 over the Danube Canal, 40 over the Wien River, 271 U-Bahn bridges and many, many many more.

However we are being too literal in our interpretation of the ‘Building Bridges’ slogan as General director of ORF Dr. Alexander Wrabetz spoke to about the concept. He said:

“After the decision for Vienna as the host city and the nomination of the complete core team, we have set another important milestone on the way of organising the world’s largest TV entertainment event by choosing the slogan. With “Building Bridges” we have chosen a theme, the idea of ​​Europe with the uniting character of music and that in Vienna, the traditional capital of world music in the heart of Europe.”

The concept was devised by the creative agency PKP BBDO from Austria. ORF will now be #Unstoppable at #BuildingBridges until May 2015.

Building Bridges now joins a long line of Eurovision slogans which emphasise the original concept of bringing Europe together. So expect us to be #BuildingBridges everywhere we can and if you don’t like it then you can just ‘Get over it’ or one of the 1,716 bridges in Vienna that I totally expect to visit next May!


Author/Editor in Chief Garrett Mulhall

Source : and Vienna – Now or Never

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